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  1. Modular Bunker

    That's amazing, great job mate.
  2. MTA-SA PUBG Frag-Movie #2

    Why this cancer again?
  3. [HELP] Where can i download Trials maps?

    They make normal maps, they just use a script for that camera view.
  4. [HELP] Where can i download Trials maps?

    You mean the one used by FFS Gaming "Trial" mode?
  5. Mapping [Tips & Guidelines]

    Hello everyone! My name is Rudransh. I've been mapping for a long time. I thought to give some tips, at least as much as I can to all the beginners who face certain problems. Anyone can contribute to this post by giving his/her tips on mapping or modding. Maybe this will help few people who are in search of certain things. To start with, the most important thing is the tutorial. Everyone who is going to start "mapping" make sure you don't miss it. It's a bit boring but i ensure you that 99% of your problems will be solved. It will take some time as it's a bit long, but it will help you a lot. Most of the people (like me) skip that tutorial and face certain problems. They are not able to rotate/move objects. So make sure that you go through the "tutorial". How to use "Mapping Editor" You will get to know most of the things on mapping editor once you are done with the tutorial. It is very simple to use. There are certain "icons" in mapping editor which provide you with objects, definitions. time/weather changer,etc. You can modify/add definitions to your editor. You can also use "map editor" on your local server. Just open your server. Write "/stop play" in console. Once it's stopped, write "/start editor". The + point of using the editor in a server is that you can get your friends with you on your server and make a map together. What can you do with "Mapping Editor" You can make many types of maps for many types of game modes. You can make Stealth, TDM, DM, DD, Shooter, base maps, CTP, PTP, CTF, etc. There are thousands of objects in mapping editor which you can use to make these maps. You can edit a location in San Andreas using those objects or you can make a full custom map. Placing the same object 1000 times and calling it a map is not "mapping". You have to think of what you are making, plan some things, interpret your ideas and imagination & turn it into a good map. It is easy to use the mapping editor but it is really hard to make a good map. Where are these maps used? Maps are used in servers. There are many types of servers on MTA and more are still coming. You can make your own server and use your map and play on it. You can also give your maps to a community and play there. Another option is to buy/sell. It is the hardest option. You can't sell your first map. Actually, you can't sell all your maps. It is hard to sell them because you don't know if what you have made is actually what the people of that server require. In order to sell your maps (if you think you are capable enough of making good maps), you must make sort of deals with other community members/owners who are searching for maps or mappers. To be honest, if you are doing mapping for fun, you should not go for selling it. Instead, you can help others for free. This would be more satisfactory. How to make good maps Making a good map depends on how you think. You cannot keep on adding objects and show it as a map. You must plan little bit of things. You must give a start to your map and go on slowly. It is not necessary that the object you place somewhere will fit in correctly. Changes are always done. You must place objects accordingly. Make sure your map is creative. Don't use same object or same type of object all the time. This makes the map look ugly. For eg: Do not spam up the boxes everywhere, this will make your map ugly and would distract people. Don't cover up your map like a box when you are making a vs map. Try to cover you maps nicely and check for all the bugs The best way to ensure that your map is bug-less is that you must test your map while you are mapping. Press F6 for "normal test" and press F5 for "full test". Try to use a limited number of objects. Many numbers of objects causes lag sometimes. Sometimes players find objects to be good but can't recite its name. You actually don't need to recite its name, just got in the category of that object and you will find it. Tools for mapping Open that spoiler and click on that link. You will find all the useful tools required for mapping. Extra Information & Some Tips - There are few objects which cannot be removed using "World Object remover" for example if you remove a building then it's windows light don't get removed. - Do not miss the tutorial provided in the mapping editor, it takes time but is very useful. That's a small contribution from my side. If anyone has some more things to add then please do reply. I hope this helps someone. Other Contributors @Ayush Rathore Kind regards
  6. Mapping [Tips & Guidelines]

    Updated the topic with some more information. Fixed some mistakes.
  7. Anyone want to make a server?

    No one will PM you if you just write that.
  8. [Help] with my mapping

    I guess there is no way of deleting those lights.
  9. Yes, there is a model for that factory's interior. Just search "crack" and you will find it. I don't remember its full name or id. Hope that helps
  10. MTA: Call of Battle

    bro alpha testing ho chuki h may month m. uss time humne 21 players ki peak hit kari thi aur 45 accounts register kiye this. Woh open alpha testing this 2 din ke liye. Abhi poora development finish kar rahe h. discord pe check kr skte ho chaho toh. mere ko pm kar dena discord link chahiyue ho toh.
  11. Hello dosto, mera server open ho rha h kal (10 May 2017), m aap sab logo ko invite karne aaya hu. Aap log iske baare m aur padh sakte h idhar pe:
  12. The best {Small } city!

    Well, thats not how a city looks like, i checked the images and i think i must tell you the faults. 1). You used one landmass, that too sea dock and tried to make a "small city" on it. 2). Buildings are coming on the roads 3). Buildings are collapsing with each other. 4). Correct Distribution of pathways is not provided. 5). Distribution of building is not correct. There is a house then a factory then a building. 6). There is a SeaRock but no water. 7). Lack of imagination. And most importantly, the city is all blocked and covered with "Dock Fence" type objects. Though you gave it a nice try, good luck.
  13. So i joined the server today (my luck), i was there for around 15-20 mins and then i got disconnected and server went offline for me. It was really AMAZING experience. Each thing in the server is well created. We don't get bored even if there is no other player online. I never go on servers having loads of mods and 30mb+ download, i checked out yours and it was worth. Really Loved it, good luck!
  14. Do you have any forums or discord server?
  15. [NEW CITY] Tumour Town [Show & Download]

    What do you find "random" there? btw, great job @hydrogenium. It is really hard to make a custom city without using G&T tools (imo). Keep up the good work. Cheers!
  16. Thanx for the information. I will try doing that.
  17. [TDM Zombie]Infected Zombies[English]

    Well i don't know why but even i see a black box. Though when i replied, that time it was fine.
  18. How can i get a ban when i did not even join it
  19. I dont know what's the problem, everytime i try to join your server it shows offline to me.
  20. This seems pretty nice. Designs are good and clean. I will try it out soon.
  21. [TDM Zombie]Infected Zombies[English]

    This is like 10th post about this server. Before the forums were cleaned you made tooo many topics, got no response. Here is your old topic which you created after the forums cleanup. I will suggest you to go for something new, there are many new Zombie servers coming up with great ideas as you can see in the list. Still, Good Luck
  22. This map is not compatible with 'play'

    Can you please show the error which is coming?
  23. Uhm the server was showing offline around 5-6 hours ago.
  24. I searched for the server today and it was offline :\
  25. I will suggest you to stay calm and wait for his answer. Also, it takes hell lot of time to do good updates. Also try not to make a post every hour.