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Everything posted by Rudransh

  1. Great updates. Will be visiting again after exams.
  2. Maybe wait for some days to get a reply? Also this is not the right section. Ask for this in "Looking for Staff" section.
  3. In that case you should have changed your scripts to the name you have. SALG RPG. Still, Good Luck
  4. If you want them for a fair price then PM me.
  5. I would suggest you to hire someone and pay him because who knows someone will give you leaked scripts and you will loose your money. Good Luck
  6. Car deathmatch or player vs player? If car deathmatch then search DM in community. If player vs player then you can contact me.
  7. Exactly! lol everything is just a community resource.
  8. Already tried it. It's fun playing there. Good Luck
  9. That too for his own Implicit Staff members who were called by him to reply lol Good Luck Implicit
  10. Actually there are keys used for this. I have been a player of tactics and stealth. Just to let you know, use of these bugs is actually not allowed. Good Luck
  11. @TheTrue Sorry to say but there are no free hosting providers. If there are any then there are very less chances to trust them. If you have a nice PC and you are able to open it 24/7 then you can host it yourself. If not, then you will have to buy a server or VPS. I would recommend ZadeServers if you are going to think for buying a host. They are cheap and provide nice services. Good Luck
  12. First thing, remove your github link, anyone can down it now and steal them. Maybe someone would have done it. @DrStrawberry
  13. A: black salt Q: Give the full form of DDND
  14. Add the resource on your resources folder and run it.
  15. lol, that was funny mate.
  16. tbh, all your calculations are wrong. Think with senses, only nubs will give the fake information about their hosting services, About this guy, i know him since a long time and i can bet that he isn't overselling. Well, that's your thinking that they are overselling, but trust me, they are not. Have a good day
  17. nvm, no need for continuing the argument here. We can just wait for Cody.
  18. @Donald Duck as much as i know and i can see is that you are trying to say that they are overselling this. You got any proof for that? He has been saying since first post that they are not overselling and he has explained it very clearly. Maybe, stop this thing here mate Edit:- No offense, just solving the matter. Good Luck
  19. OMG, can you understand this :~? i have played on the server. ITS JUST CAMRAGEDDON. Go ask @CodyJ(L) about this.
  20. lol, mate i think you are in some confusion. Just search Carmageddon in google you will find it. And this comes from there only. @spoty see here he has written himself that it comes from Carmageddon.
  21. They are not overselling i guess @Donald Duck
  22. you can use different objects. Like use a51_jetdoor. Use it for making base and walls. Then just type door in search and you will find one.
  23. As the name says, Carmageddon.