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  1. -REMOVED-
  2. 9/10
  3. I really don't find anything good in it. You have even made that place look worst. If you need some ideas on mapping i will suggest you to see the topic given below, i think it might help you a little bit. Also, try to use objects which suit the place, not just using fences randomly & placing towers one over the other. Cheers!
  4. rockabye baby rockabye
  5. Maybe show us some of your works, some screenshots like you stated above about your "gang panel". This will be helpful for the people who need your services. Good Luck
  6. In my opinion the topic is messed up. I will suggest you to use spoiler for the images & add detailed information about your server features. It will be really helpful for us. Good Luck
  7. I think you didnt read what i said... if you are only talking about gate that is done by scripting This is what i said... I dont think so that i am wrong? Also, as said by pa3ck plugin is another way. Also why i told him about "Mapping thing" is cuz his title says "how to make a base for group" and inside he is talking about the "gate" too. So i just cleared both of his doubts in my opinion. @LopSided_
  8. No need for scripts, hire a mapper or try doing mapping yourself using MAP EDITOR in MTA:SA. Also if you are only talking about gate that is done by scripting. For more information about mapping refer to my this topic:
  9. I guess Manage ACL and set rights according to what you want to grant them. Or you can create a new ACL & add it to that default group.
  10. Bug

    Thats not a bug, the object which you are using is like that. Its simple, just double side it.
  11. Thank you for replying & helping me out.
  12. Hello guys, i just have a simple question. Anyone here who used "PAID" IPS forums? If yes, than can you please tell me what was the plan you bought? Actually, i was looking for IPS community suite on the IPS forums but unfortunately i saw few things there and so i just wanted to confirm something. Thanx for helping in advance.
  13. map

    Good job on first attempt. It looks simple & clean. Good luck for future.
  14. uhm uhm uhm Rockabye Baby Roackabye
  15. OMG, just search for a file on GOOGLE and download it, its too easy. And what button? lol, mate download it from torrent, better.
  16. Than you have not downloaded the correct file.
  17. Hello everyone! My name is Rudransh. I've been mapping since a long time. I thought to give some tips, atleast as much as i can to all the beginners who face certain problems. Anyone can contribute to this post by giving his/her tips on mapping or modding. Maybe this will help few people who are in search of certain things. To start with, the most important thing is the tutorial. Everyone who is going to start "mapping" make sure you don't miss it. It's a bit boring but i ensure you that 99% of your problems will be solved. It will take some time as it's a bit long, but it will help you a lot. Most of the people (like me) skip that tutorial and face certain problems. They are not able to rotate/move objects. So make sure that you go through the "tutorial". How to use "Mapping Editor" You will get to know most of the things on mapping editor once you are done with tutorial. It is very simple to use. There are certain "icons" in mapping editor which provide you with objects, definitions. time/weather changer,etc. You can modify / add definitions to your editor. You can also use "map editor" on your local server. Just open your server. Write "/stop play" in console. Once its stopped, write "/start editor". The + point of using editor in a server is that you can get your friends with you in your server and make a map together. What can you do with "Mapping Editor" You can make many types of maps for many types of game modes. You can make Stealth, TDM, DM, DD, Shooter, base maps, CTP, PTP , CTF, etc. There are thousands of objects in mapping editor which you can use to make these maps. You can edit a location in San Andreas using those objects or you can make a full custom map. Placing same object 1000 times and calling it a map is not "mapping". You have to think of what you are making, plan some things, interpret your ideas and imagination & turn it into a good map. It is easy to use the mapping editor but it is really hard to make a good map. Where are these maps used? Maps are used in servers. There are many types of servers on MTA and more are still coming. You can make your own server and use your map and play on it. You can also give your maps to a community and play there. Another option is of buying/selling. It is the hardest option. You can't sell your first map. Actually, you can't sell all your maps. It is hard to sell them because you don't know if what you have made is actually what the people of that server require. In order to sell your maps (if you think you are capable enough of making good maps) you must make sort of deals with other community members/owners who are searching of maps or mappers. To be honest, if you are doing mapping for fun, you should not go for selling it. Instead you can help others for free. This would be more satisfactory. How to make good maps Making a good map depends upon how you think. You cannot keep on adding objects and show it as a map. You must plan little bit of things. Your must give a start to your map and go on slowly. It is not necessary that the object you place somewhere will fit in correctly. Changes are always done. You must place objects accordingly. Make sure your map is creative. Don't use same object or same type of object all the time. This makes map look ugly. For eg: Do not spam up the boxes everywhere, this will make your map ugly and would distract people. Don't cover up your map like a box when you are making a vs map. Try to cover you maps nicely and check for all the bugs The best way to ensure that your map is bug-less is that you must test your map while you are mapping. Press F6 for "normal test" and press F5 for "full test". Try to use limited number of objects. Many number of objects causes lag sometimes. Sometimes players find objects to be good but can't recite its name. You actually don't need to recite its name, just got in the category of that object and you will find it. Tools for mapping Open that spoiler and click on that link. You will find all the useful tools required for mapping. That's a small contribution from my side. If anyone has some more things to add then please do reply. I hope this helps someone. Other Contributors @Ayush Rathore Kind regards
  18. Search on youtube, you will find it.
  19. I am going to visit it for sure, Old relations Good Luck mate
  20. Search that on google and u will find them.
  21. Download original gta3.img & gta_int.img from internet & replace it from the modified ones which you are using and it will be fixed.
  22. Goto your MTA:SA folder, then go on "servers", then go on "mods", then go on "deathmatch" then go on "resources" and place the map folder there, Open your map editor and check the map file Good Luck
  23. so i win? no one replied after me e,e Gimme the reward eh?
  24. This is SAMP related thing, i will suggest you to take a look on SA-MP forums and ask them for help, if you have lagg issues for MTA:SA than you must post here but not for SA-MP. Good Luck
  25. Hello dosto, mera server open ho rha h kal (10 May 2017), m aap sab logo ko invite karne aaya hu. Aap log iske baare m aur padh sakte h idhar pe: