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Everything posted by PapaBowie

  1. ya, Rays has nothing to do with this ZadeServers. And, you are still crying for that hing, i wonder how you would have been crying since all those years for silly things. Note:- No more further replies from my side from now.
  2. Name : Rudransh Ingame name : Rudransh Age : 16 on June Country of birth : India nationality : Indian Nativelanguage : Hindi Other languages : English About yourself : My name is Rudransh, i have been on MTA:SA since 2011. I spend most of my time playing MTA, mapping & modding though i am still learning modding. I also used to be a cricketer but had to stop due to downfall in studies. Applying for : Alpha Tester What are your specialties : Mapping/modding basically. Media of your creations : These are my old creations, not new one. Did you join our discord channel : Yes Do you have a mic : Yes Servers played in the past containing the RPG gamemode : Gamenet.ga, IGC, FTA
  3. First thing is that Rays is not my friend and also he is not the owner of this hosting company. He just posted this topic for no reason. Secondly, there is no relation between my project and this thing. And none of my projects have failed Kind Regards
  4. Everyone has the right to advertise things about their product, no one can restrict them. If you are not interested just kick them out @Blast3r Just saying a thing, don't think like i m trying to have some fight. Kind Regards
  5. Same, website is not working & video is still unavailable.
  6. exactly because i was seeing a Musical website lol.
  7. fix anticheat

    Stop posting the same thing again and again. Wait for the MTA devs to reply.
  8. Great topic & screenshots are awesome. Good Luck with it.
  9. LOL using so many objects in a single map would surely cuz lagg.
  10. you can move yourself too. Just click on those objects and move them.
  11. they will be duplicated themselves to some distance so that it comes in a row.
  12. I can do it but after 3rd april.
  13. Download amt toolbox, place it in your resources folder. Run it, go to duplicate, select the elements and copy everything in same pattern. Good Luck
  14. One of your best creations i guess. Good work mate.
  15. Maybe use a video editor to do so.
  16. 1). how do you login as guest? You can login or you can play as guest. These are the only 2 options, also it depends on the scripts of that particular server. If the server has a script which allows player to play as guest then you can play, otherwise you will have to login. 2). Same, depends on the server, if they allow multiple accounts then you can register. MTA is not connected with it. 3). Only server's owners can do it. 4). Yes u can using /login username pass and /logout I hope this helps you, if it does press the like button jk Kind Regards
  17. Just go to Settings ---> Advanced ----> Update and your problems will be solved.
  18. As it was said to update in order to remove the mouse lag. I am unable to update it. Here is the error coming.
  19. Already done, no changes.
  20. How can you start a server without scripts? Dude, be honest or you will loose everything before even starting. Good Luck
  21. I guess you are talking about mouse sensitivity. Go to Settings ---> Controls ----> Mouse sensitivity. Increase it from there according to your wish.
  22. Nice to see that you are getting players. Good luck with the server. I really like the screens. Will check it soon.
  23. You simply cannot spam by saying "UP". Players will see your post and if they like it or play it will surely give their feedbacks. Just stay calm mate. Good Luck