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  1. Make sure that you are logged in & you have the admin panel access.
  2. From FTP you can download it, in-game you can't.
  3. This happens when u jump out of your vehicle and your vehicle hits some interior marker...
  4. We are currently developing a server based on COD and BF. It will be finished by 1 and half months most probably. Stay tuned until that. YOu can find us on discord:-
  5. -REMOVED-
  6. 9/10
  7. I really don't find anything good in it. You have even made that place look worst. If you need some ideas on mapping i will suggest you to see the topic given below, i think it might help you a little bit. Also, try to use objects which suit the place, not just using fences randomly & placing towers one over the other. Cheers!
  8. rockabye baby rockabye
  9. Maybe show us some of your works, some screenshots like you stated above about your "gang panel". This will be helpful for the people who need your services. Good Luck
  10. In my opinion the topic is messed up. I will suggest you to use spoiler for the images & add detailed information about your server features. It will be really helpful for us. Good Luck
  11. I think you didnt read what i said... if you are only talking about gate that is done by scripting This is what i said... I dont think so that i am wrong? Also, as said by pa3ck plugin is another way. Also why i told him about "Mapping thing" is cuz his title says "how to make a base for group" and inside he is talking about the "gate" too. So i just cleared both of his doubts in my opinion. @LopSided_
  12. No need for scripts, hire a mapper or try doing mapping yourself using MAP EDITOR in MTA:SA. Also if you are only talking about gate that is done by scripting. For more information about mapping refer to my this topic:
  13. I guess Manage ACL and set rights according to what you want to grant them. Or you can create a new ACL & add it to that default group.
  14. Bug

    Thats not a bug, the object which you are using is like that. Its simple, just double side it.
  15. Thank you for replying & helping me out.