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  1. [ayuda]Quiero saber si ahí alguna solución a esto!!!

    Tal vez quieran usar esto (Client-side): setCameraClip(true)
  2. OOP problem

    Just added another option for him.
  3. OOP problem

    You can simply access it like variables. player.account, if player.account.guest then return, player.account:setData(...)
  4. Handling flag

    Can someone please move this to its correct language section?
  5. [Help]Rounded rectangle

    Just as a simple solution, having a circle image and drawing sections for corners its better, simple and has a better performance than using maths everyframe.
  6. Convertir client en server

    Simple, retrigger to everyone and thats it.
  7. Help with some coding

    Why you don't just create an auto_index in your database?
  8. Help with some coding

    We are here to help you, you should learn lua first before trying to modify something from your gamemode.
  9. [QUESTION] Why do certain files download on every join?

    Maybe for the same reason, since your network its unstable then some files downloaded get corrupted so MTA tries to download them again.
  10. Question about shaders and objects

    No, you should destroy shader if you want to.
  11. setCameraMatrix delay

    Seems like you don't even understand what i said.
  12. Help with some coding

    Maybe you should add a check for vehicle to see if its blown or with low/invalid health then you see if you save it or no
  13. dxLibrary

    La mayoria que encontraras son viejas o muy simples, pero es una forma de empezar. Acerca de remover un objeto para una dimension te recomiendo hacerlo en el client-side & cuando salgas de esa dimension restaurarlo.
  14. Shaders, fx y texturas

    https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Element/Shader Para aplicarlas o asi puedes dibujarlas como una imagen o usar https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/EngineApplyShaderToWorldTexture
  15. Event Race

    Once someone finishes you add him to ranking board, then on race end/stop podium should get first 3 places of rankingboard and done.