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  1. MisterQuestions


    Maybe no intentar descompilar resources que no son tuyos? PD: Esto va en la sección de scripting en todo caso.
  2. MisterQuestions


    How about not stealing the shader xd and instead research
  3. MisterQuestions

    Duda con TriggerClientEvent

  4. MisterQuestions

    Vehicles cant be pushed by on foot.

    Freezing on exit should be enough to satisfact what you're asking for. Unfreeze only when entering and there's a player on driver's seat
  5. MisterQuestions

    [HELP] Edit Box problem

    Calculation for carret position is wrong seems like isn't considering that text starts writting from center. Seems like you'll need to fix it yourself
  6. MisterQuestions

    enable command redo ACLGroupe anygroupe

    If using race gamemode look for such commands and you'll notice it works with the race settings > admin ACL groups Admin panel > Resources > Race (double click) > Admin group list
  7. MisterQuestions

    loadstring, source variable.

    Some metatable knowledge may help on this, I'm not really sure if Bonsai's wrapper its secure at all. Anyways, using __index and __newindex keys on environment meta should make it work once you try variable capturing. There exists some explained way already, which is really efficient. Thats how all my multigamemodes handle map script(s) load/execute.
  8. MisterQuestions

    outputChatBox Gamemode Race [DM]

    Map manager.
  9. MisterQuestions

    Ayuda con tablas

    Elimina el map cache cuando el mapa ya no se use?
  10. MisterQuestions

    Ayudenme por favor

    Hacia donde miras hace referencia a la camara o al ped ?
  11. Kindo weird to have something like that already and dont know what you are doing. How ever using serials for permissions is just a really inefficient way to handle it.
  12. MisterQuestions

    setTimer function with OOP

    .__index is the error.
  13. por que no debes de checar por el vehículo en el que está puesto que este evento es cuando ya salió de este, en todo caso usa source que es el vehículo del que salió.
  14. MisterQuestions


    Usa variables locales en lugar de declarar globales, tampoco hay necesidad de llamar las cosas en mayúsculas.
  15. MisterQuestions

    Contrato programador

    Si aún buscas, contáctame.