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  1. A matrix to the direction would do the job
  2. Your login doesnt use MTA accounts -> no admin rights.
  3. Has tu mapa normal e incluye un script así, no lo he probado. addEventHandler("onResourceStart",resourceRoot, function() for _,element in pairs(getElementChildren(resourceRoot)) do setElementDimension(element,tuDimension) end )
  4. Supongo te refieres al efecto de los "neones" a modo de que funcione como una proyección "correcta" sobre cualquier superficie si se requiere de un shader
  5. Look for HLSL tutorials
  6. That panel also uses dxCreateShader() dxSetShaderValue() dxSetShaderTransform() dxCreateRenderTarget() dxSetRenderTarget()
  7. I did the same mistake as you time ago.
  8. I don't think that will even set a direction to ball
  9. Learn some maths and create your own physics, detect once it hits ground then apply force to make it bounce.
  10. Its actually complex if you have no experience at all. You have to generate individual maps for only certain clients on each arena (a custom map manager), individual gamemode states, etc. Generating map in client-side will make that map load for only that client, you also have to download map files and start map scripts which is another issue.
  11. Maybe no intentar descompilar resources que no son tuyos? PD: Esto va en la sección de scripting en todo caso.
  12. How about not stealing the shader xd and instead research
  13. triggerClientEvent(client,"blah",resourceRoot,...)
  14. Freezing on exit should be enough to satisfact what you're asking for. Unfreeze only when entering and there's a player on driver's seat
  15. Calculation for carret position is wrong seems like isn't considering that text starts writting from center. Seems like you'll need to fix it yourself