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  1. Kindo weird to have something like that already and dont know what you are doing. How ever using serials for permissions is just a really inefficient way to handle it.
  2. setTimer function with OOP

    .__index is the error.
  3. por que no debes de checar por el vehículo en el que está puesto que este evento es cuando ya salió de este, en todo caso usa source que es el vehículo del que salió.
  4. dxList

    Usa variables locales en lugar de declarar globales, tampoco hay necesidad de llamar las cosas en mayúsculas.
  5. Contrato programador

    Si aún buscas, contáctame.
  6. [HELP] Shooter CTF on MTA

    You have to use server side to Sync some stuff
  7. Table Empty issue

    Just wondering how will you check if its an specific arena that way
  8. Lag while spectating players

    Have you tried already doing it server side?
  9. Lag while spectating players

    We cant really help anymore if you dont show current code of spectating system, also may be issue regarding how do you spawnPlayers, i do have worked with various multigamemodes and never had an issue like this regarding to spectator
  10. Table Empty issue

    "arenaTag" is always the same? Is it a bool?
  11. square on all resolutions

    If you are talking about UI you can use guiGetScreenSize() then multiply by a relative value on height so you get same proportion
  12. Lag while spectating players

    Maybe dimensions desyc make sure player & vehicle are on same dimension (if using hidden check that current camera target is on your dimension)
  13. Help Altitude Script

    z * 0 is just zero
  14. [HELP or ADVICE] elementData...again

    On server side you can call removeElementData, how ever having lot of element data isnt performance helful.
  15. clearElementParent

    Use root element as parent or resourceRoot or getResourceDynamicElementRoot(resource), see what one meets your needs