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  1. Rien à dire, mise à part que c'est du bon boulot et que c'est propre. Bien joué
  2. L'existence de codeurs LUA francophone est un mythe, un complot. On nous ment ! Nous sommes là, nous sommes pas des milliers. Mais nous avons des perles, des génies telle que Citizen présent depuis longtemps et toujours là pour aider à faire les choses correctement. Un hommage à cet homme inconnu et mystérieux, toujours prêt à aider son prochain ! Et c'est en partie grâce à lui que la partie francophone est encore debout. Des bisous !
  3. Yop, Youtube me dit : "Cette vidéo a été bloquée par l'utilisateur qui l'a mise en ligne". C'est vilain ça. En tout cas, ça a l'air sympathique tout ça.
  4. After Youtube Drama, why not to start an MTA drama. It's a great idea. If you do things your way without copy / paste, why not. But I know very well that this will be heavily inspired ... enough to create doubts in any case! We'll see, I hope not. It would have been preferable that you are contributing to MTA:DayZ directly on GitHub instead of doing your thing on your side. The project became open source, everyone is happy as he is .. But nobody helps. It's frustrating. But that's my opinion! Good luck.
  5. If you using the edit of the MTA:DayZ 0.9.8a update. You need respect an little bit copyright.... I understand now the reason for which I did not want to rework again on MTA. Thanks.
  6. This feature is available with the new MTA:DayZ. https://github.com/mtadayz/MTADayZ
  7. MTA:DayZ Official Server #1 Dear Survivor, I am aware that you are not all server managers. That's why I decided to open an MTA DayZ server with the latest pre-release 0.9.8a. You will be able to enjoy a pleasant gaming experience without any micro-payment. No ugly and innacessible base that destroy the game, a real MTA:DayZ server with admins who will do their best to administer the server. IP : mtasa:// Have fun, build your base and fight !
  8. I'm not really the developer, I am a contributor. A big contributor to that time and alone since the last 5-8 months, I think. If one day someone takes time to make an inventory system and that it proposed on GitHub. This will be pushed on GitHub to improve MTA:DayZ. For now, no one has made big contribution. People prefer to download MTA:DayZ, fix bugs, add feature and open a server with a VIP system and bases that destroy the game. I don't have the knowledge and time to rework inventory. But, it's a great idea.
  9. MTA:DayZ was created to replicate DayZ Mod of Arma 2 to MTA. After why not in the future searching to reproduce DayZ Standalone.
  10. Ahah, yes great idea ! I'll make it, I have the skills to do that. I am very happy that it works, have a nice day!
  11. MTA:DayZ 0.9.8a Pre-Release is now available Dear Survivors, The 0.9.8a is now available in pre-release. It brings many new features: advanced clothing system (with more than 60 clothing: collar, mask, pants, shirt, jacket and more), a system of weights, a interior system (useless for the moment). Your hair and your beard will change up to your 10 hours of gameplay of your character! The changelog is available below: Known Issue : - The player can glitch during unconscious - When a player has 2 same clothes in her inventory. If he drop one, the garment disappear on him (He needs to re-equip the garment). (FIXED) Support available on Twitter : @MTADayZ_support or on GitHub. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download now -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click here for download
  12. Hello survivors, Really bad news for me, my PC is completly dead.. The power (power supply unit) of my PC burned, I do not know if other components are also affected. I hope not. I have no backup This will take a few days to repair. In the meantime, you can still participate in the development of MTA:DayZ by reporting problems on GitHub. Prayer for my hard drive ! EDIT : FIXED ! I'm ready again to works for us !
  13. MTA:DayZ - Trello now available Hello everyone, You can now follow the development of MTA DayZ on Trello. Trello offers a lot of tracking features for developers and will accurately track the development of certain features. New feature planned are : Achievement System (Idea) Advanced clothes system (In development) System of weights and stamina (Idea) Interior system (In development) The following new features are planned for the 0.9.8a release (No release date available). However, fixing bugs remains a priority and small patches can be published.
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