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  1. idoubt u r a professional - that looks like a [bad] freeweb site - with freebies added on - i have next to nothing experience in html and ive come up with http://www.gtaff.vze.com
  2. how do you need help man
  3. them skins arnt that good - dont try the i dont see you making sites shit on me cos i do make sites but not on the crap that you think up
  4. i will recruit sumtime but still waitin for next mta - nah i aint from mantorelli - but mantoro + mantorelli are the names i got by on the net
  5. hey - there if any of u guys are thinkin of bein allys 'when i got members' yah can
  6. yeah - one thing im wishin for is some snipers dotted around tatwould be great
  7. too true man...too true - anywayz im gonna get this gang started up once patch is realeased as at mo there aint a point in haVING CLANS (soz mta) we will try to get around with no enemies but that would be impossible -
  8. heh wow your soooo greayt being a co tester etc... try get a girlfriend - or a friend out of the net for that matter
  9. hi ive added u to my contact list - boomboxe... yeah u should know. I would love to start a gang with you, i have some great ideas up my sleave but just meed the advertising - hosting. with abit of help from members or mates i could make a website. thanks please take my plea into considoration
  10. this is what i would like to call an extension from a mmorpg i used to play - im starting a gang of misfits called the harem so far there are only 2 members m - and nick a web designer. our aim isnt to be the best but to have a real feeling of beeing in a group - THE HAREM
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