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  1. Patrick2562

    [HELP] Object and Cursor

    Do without OOP. gate = createObject(1337, 712.61853, 659.00409, 9.94867) addEventHandler('onClientClick', root, function(_,_,_,_,wx,wy,wz) setElementPosition(gate, wx,wy,wz) end)
  2. Patrick2562

    [HELP] Object and Cursor

    Is OOP enabled?
  3. Patrick2562

    Error in Loading script

    Try this, maybe work. I don't know. function resume() for key, value in ipairs(threads) do if coroutine.status(value) ~= "dead" then coroutine.resume(value) end end end
  4. Patrick2562

    Error in Loading script

    if (getTeamName(team) == "Los Sa326 Enterprises") or (getTeamName(team) == "Los Santos Police Department") or (getTeamName(team) == "San Andreas State Police") then Replace first line to this.
  5. Patrick2562

    How do I create a script that gives a kit of weapons?

    -- SERVER SIDE SCRIPT addCommandHandler("kit", function(player) giveWeapon(player, 30, 1000) -- M4 with 1000 ammo -- example: giveWeapon(player, WEAPONID, AMMO) end) Here you can find the weapon ids:
  6. Patrick2562

    [HELP] Weapon damage multiplier bug

    You are welcome!
  7. Patrick2562

    Screen PositionX and PositionY?

    -- only on client side local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize() local centerX, centerY = screenWidth/2, screenHeight/2
  8. Patrick2562

    [HELP] Weapon damage multiplier bug

    addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerDamage", getRootElement(), playerdamaged ) to addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerDamage", getLocalPlayer(), playerdamaged )
  9. Patrick2562

    [HELP] Pay command script

    You are welcome!
  10. Patrick2562

    [HELP] Pay command script

    addCommandHandler( 'pay', function( source,_,player,amount ) local find = findPlayer( player ) if find then local sourceAccount = getPlayerAccount ( source ) local guestAccount = isGuestAccount ( sourceAccount ) if guestAccount then outputChatBox( '[Pay]: You are not logged in!',source,255,0,0 ) else if amount then givePlayerMoney( find,tonumber( amount ) ) takePlayerMoney ( source, tonumber(amount) ) outputChatBox( '[Pay]:You transfered '..amount..'$ to '..getPlayerName( find ),source,255,0,0 ) outputChatBox( '[Pay]:You received '..amount..'$ from '..getPlayerName( source ),find,0,255,0 ) else outputChatBox( '[Pay]:/pay [playername][amount]!',source,255,0,0 ) end end else outputChatBox( '[Pay]:Player not found!',source,255,0,0 ) end end)
  11. Patrick2562

    [HELP] Drug script error

    You are welcome.
  12. Patrick2562

    [HELP] Drug script error

    --HEROIN DRUG EFFECT ON function heroinDrugOn(player) setPedStat ( player, 24, 1000) setElementHealth(player, 200) setTimer(heroinDrugOff, 60000, 1, player) triggerClientEvent ( player, "heroinOnMessage", root) end addCommandHandler("useheroin", heroinDrugOn) --HEROIN DRUG EFFECT GOING OFF function heroinDrugOff(player) local playerHealth = getElementHealth(player) if (playerHealth > 100) then setElementHealth(player, 100) end setPedStat (player, 24, 590) triggerClientEvent ( player, "heroinOffMessage", root) end
  13. Patrick2562

    Shoutall problem

    dxDrawText(shoutText, screenX/4, screenY/4, screenX/4*3, screenY/4*3, tocolor(220, 20, 20, 220), 2, "bankgothic", "center", "top", false, true)
  14. Patrick2562

    Shoutall problem

    Sorry bro, but we are a community.. So this script is for everyone.
  15. Patrick2562

    Shoutall problem

    Here it is. Sorry for late answer. Link: