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  1. [HELP] setPedWalkingStyle

    -- SERVER SIDE SCRIPT function walkstyle(thePlayer) setPedWalkingStyle(thePlayer, 128) end function walk ( thePlayer ) if isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)), aclGetGroup ( "Console" ) ) then walkstyle(thePlayer) end end addCommandHandler("walk", walk)
  2. [HELP] getRadioChannel & setRadioChannel

    addEventHandler("onClientVehicleStartEnter", getRootElement(), function() setRadioChannel(0) end) addEventHandler("onClientPlayerRadioSwitch", getRootElement(), function() cancelEvent() end)
  3. [HELP] getRadioChannel & setRadioChannel

    It is a Client-only function. Do you use it on client side?
  4. Help!

    I sent you a PM.
  5. Help!

    Ohh. I see. Do you use RADAR resource?
  6. Help!

    And what is the dimension 336?
  7. Help!

    Ohh, so.. Some resource is created blips. (example: play resource create player's blip.) And if I type the /empb command, all blips hide only for me or if I type the /empb command all blips hide for everyone?
  8. Help!

    Maybe I can, but: "Where did you create the player's blip?"
  9. Help!

    Honestly, this script is sucks. Where did you create the player's blip?
  10. Can how X function be shared into all resources.

    You can't do that.
  11. Help!

    In line 43. the blip variable is not a blip element. getElementsByType is return a table with all blip element.
  12. Shark Motd

    What dont you understand? Here you can get help. We will not do it for you.
  13. Shark Motd

    setTimer -- looping a check function isElementInWater -- in this function you check player is in water createObject -- if player in the water, you create a shark object, under the player moveObject -- move the shark object up, to player killPed -- if shark reach the player you kill the player destroyElement -- destroy the shark object at end
  14. [HELP] Optimization

    Yes. More custom fonts use more video memory. But I've never been watching this. In negligible part. I'm paying attention to not creating multiple fonts in a Resource. Example: In the resource folder I create a fonts.lua (client) file. And I create the dxfont only here and I can use this custom font in every client file.
  15. [HELP] Optimization

    I think it's okay. Maybe if you define the 'latestRow' once in bindKey functions and not in the 'drawPanel' function.