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  1. Hi. I uploaded a new version of the resource, download it and use like this: <meta> <pDownloader>true</pDownloader> <!-- STEP 2 - enable pDownloader --> <!-- script file isn't needed --> <!-- STEP 3 - disable downloading with download="false" attribute --> <!-- and set model ID for the model-loader with model="ID" attribute--> <file src="files/city.txd" download="false" model="3048,3522" /> <file src="files/Land_areia.dff" download="false" model="3048" /> <file src="files/Land_areia.col" downlo
  2. Can you send me the whole resource in private please? But I guess because "files/city.txd" used twice.
  3. Probably because no one knows the answer, and you haven't wrote any usable information. I'm closing the thread, because it's unnecessary to continue this conversation. Open it again if you can describe your problem in more detail. By the way, maybe the server limits your FPS where you play.
  4. This should work on server side(!). local money = createPickup (1896.4000244141, -1950.9000244141, 13, 3, 1274, 10000 ) function pickupUse ( player ) outputChatBox( "Megtosztad!") end addEventHandler ( "onPickupHit", money, pickupUse )
  5. Hi, try with this. https://www.mediafire.com/file/rgjkbfronc2oqho/alpha.rar/file
  6. Yeah ofc, worth it. If you use the exact same texture/font in more resources.
  7. There are plenty of options. But if you want to allow commands to specific player, you have to save SERIAL - COMMANDNAME pairs to database. And load them to a table on resource start. Then make your own functions to allow, disallow commands, and a function to check is player can use the command or not. I don't do it instead of you, try it for yourself and if you have any further questions feel free to ask. Functions and events what you need: - getPlayerSerial - dbConnect, dbQuery, dbExec - maybe setElementData, getElementData - onResourceStart, onPlayerCommand - addCo
  8. Hi. I don't understand exactly what do you want to do. A "role system" where you can set allowed admin commands for each role?
  9. Yes, this is terribly bad. But you can't cancel the event inside dbQuery's callback because it is a different function, you can cancel in the original enterpdVehicle function only.
  10. Wrong language, moved to Portuguese section.
  11. Hi @SousaPablo, welcome on Forum. I moved your thread to Portuguese section for better results.
  12. Hi. Sorry, but we can't help you to fix old, leaked gamemodes. This is OWL, isn't it? I'm gonna close this thread, but send me a DM if I'm wrong.
  13. You have to use one of onDamage events to detect hits/falls/etc, onPlayerDamage for example. And you can disable jumping/shooting with toggleControl.
  14. You can write more quotation mark, just write a backslash before it. local str = "something('A text with \"quotation marks\".')"
  15. You should move <style>...</style> inside <head>. Because now it's between <head> and <body>.
  16. Hi. I don't understand your problem at all. Can you explain it better? And send more codes. Your executeBrowserJavascript looks good, except style attributes in html. It should look like this: <div id="holder"> <small style="float: left; font-size: 100%"> <strong></strong> </small> <br> <div class="msg" center="">Beszélgetés elindítva.</div> <div style="clear: both"></div> </div> (btw I don't understand what do you want with small and strong tags either)
  17. Maybe something like that: local checkpoints = { { -316.20703125, 1398.3125, 71.81689453125 }, { -348.99221801758, 1459.1591796875, 64.749496459961 }, { -410.787109375, 1697.8046875, 39.512222290039 } } local activeRaces = {} function nextMarker(thePlayer) -- there is an active race if activeRaces[thePlayer] then -- remove previous marker if exists if activeRaces[thePlayer].marker then destroyElement(activeRaces[thePlayer].marker) end -- next marker's index activeRaces[thePlayer].checkpoint = activeRaces[thePlay
  18. Patrick


    local num = "1111222233334444" local formatted = num:gsub("(....)(....)(....)(....)", "%1-%2-%3-%4") Not the most beautiful way, but works.
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