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  1. все хотел спросить, а есть ли условные циклы в Lua? пример: for i = 1, #test == test1 do end
  2. Very nice! You use shader or engineLoadTXD ?
  3. Try to convert loot or weapons from DayZ backpacks, clothes(object), builds... I am sure you will succeed!
  4. will be the new models? thx
  5. с помощи dxDrawRectangle, dxDrawText, onClientClick
  6. Thank you do not remain indifferent to my post. Your models is very good
  7. I have Dayz game on steam but personally I dont like the models dayz (nothing of special). Models from Dayz like? Structures vehicles ( abbandoned) ? I need survivor characters models from DayZ SA
  8. Hey, can you take models in another game (DayZ)? Please do not pass by
  9. I use this method for a long time, but how about the text and its scale?
  10. iAxel


    используй кастомные dxLib от Niks в github`е доступен