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    about ipairs

    guys please i have a question i don't know if it's possible or not , can i ipairs 3 table in the same time example : for _, p in ipairs (..... , ...... , .....) do i'm sorry about my english.
  2. SkatCh

    GTA SA interiors

    ok how can edit it or which file i need to edit it .
  3. guys please i have a question how can i change mta sa interiors dimension .
  4. guys can anyone help me here i create an export function to addWanted level when a player kill some etc ... and it's working fine but when the player get 6 stars this error apper : My export function (addWatendLevel): function addWantedLevel(player, amount) local cur = wantedLevel[player] or 0 local wl = getPlayerWantedLevel(player) or 0 wantedLevel[player] = cur + amount setPlayerWantedLevel(player, wl + 1) setElementData(player, "wap", cur + amount) setElementData(player, "wans", wl + 1) end error : Valid wanted levels are between 0 and 6 inclusive.
  5. SkatCh

    about PlaySound

    bro what about this i have an other idea i will change playsound with playSound3D and i will change P with root , because i already test it with root and i can hear the sound.
  6. SkatCh

    about PlaySound

    the same bro i can't see it .
  7. SkatCh

    about PlaySound

    i tried it nothing i can't see Test in chatbox
  8. SkatCh

    about PlaySound

    here u go addEvent("playMyMusic",true) addEventHandler("playMyMusic", getRootElement(), function() local sound = playSound("music.wav",false) setSoundVolume(sound, 1.0) end)
  9. SkatCh

    about PlaySound

    bro i already try it but did't work .
  10. SkatCh

    about PlaySound

    it's just a part from my code just i need to make the players inside the tabe can hear the sound that's all . i already change it to root but all players inside the server hear it.
  11. SkatCh

    about PlaySound

    guys i need some help i create a table and i want just those players will hear the sound , server : for _, p in ipairs (CrTable) do textDisplayRemoveObserver(Display, p) triggerClientEvent("playMyMusic",p) end and iside the client file i add the PlaySound . the text is working fine and the triggerClientEvent i think that there is something wrong. i'm sorry about my english.
  12. SkatCh

    About color

    thx bro but i already create it anyways thx for ur help , next time i will try before i post i'm sorry.
  13. SkatCh

    About color

    guys please i have a question i create a Radar Area and i want to select a random color for it what can i do . createRadarArea(X, Y, Z, S, ) -- i want a random color . i'm sorry about my english.
  14. SkatCh


    guys can anyone help me here : function getPlayerCountry ( player ) return getIpCountry ( getPlayerIP ( player ) ) <----- this line end function getIpCountry ( ip ) local ip_group = tonumber ( gettok ( ip, 1, 46 ) ) <------- This line local ip_code = ( gettok ( ip, 1, 46 ) * 16777216 ) + ( gettok ( ip, 2, 46 ) * 65536 ) + ( gettok ( ip, 3, 46 ) * 256 ) + ( gettok ( ip, 4, 46 ) ) <------ this line if ( #aCountries == 0 ) then loadIPGroups () end if ( not aCountries[ip_group] ) then aCountries[ip_group] = {} end for id, group in ipairs ( aCountries[ip_group] ) do if ( ( group.rstart <= ip_code ) and ( ip_code <= group.rend ) ) then return group.rcountry end end return false end Warning : 1- Bar argument @ 'getPlayerIP' [Excepted Element At argument 1, got nil] 2- Bar argument @ 'gettok' [Excepted String At argument 1, got boolean] 3- Bar argument @ 'gettok' [Excepted String At argument 1, got boolean]
  15. guys if i want to create dxDrawImage turn like loading what can i do .
  16. SkatCh

    About showChat

    i guys please i want to disable chat here what can i do i tried showChat (false). but didn't work . DownloadDisplay = textCreateDisplay() Text = textCreateTextItem("Hello!!", 0.5,0.5) textDisplayAddText(DownloadDisplay, Text) addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", root, function() textDisplayAddObserver(DownloadDisplay, source) end)
  17. SkatCh

    About Lag

    thx guys i have an other question what's the best FPSlimit range ? and does shaders take alot of CPU usage or not?
  18. SkatCh

    About Lag

    guys i have question how can decrease lag in my server ? .
  19. SkatCh

    About server size

    sorry i read it all but i don't undrestand exactll what i need to do can u help me with simple steps example i want or download xXMADEXx.dff . 1- first i need to add download to the meta.xml like this : (true it means it will dowload it on resource start right). "xXMADEXx.dff" download="true"/> 2- after i add it to meta.xml what i need to do i think i need to delete the file from the resource folder right then i need to upload it to HTTP server
  20. guys i have a question , what's the best way to decrease my server size .
  21. nvm guys i fixed evrey thing i think we need to use refreshall / or restart the server .
  22. ????? is that funny. i'm asking maybe it's mta problem
  23. guys today i create a new script and i tested it in my local server working fine , but when i start it in the real server i got some problems why ??? it's because i crypt it or what .
  24. SkatCh

    Save system

    hi guys please i need some help todya i create a Vip system and it's working fine but i have a small problem wich is , i want to add a save system ( i already create it ) but is it possible to make it save players Vip times every ex : 3 or 5 seconds , in other words i want the save function restart evrey 3 seconds to check players VIP time.
  25. SkatCh


    guys i alredy fixed it thx every one for help . topic can be locked.