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  1. sorry bro did work again

    function createObjectDoubleSided( ... ) 
      local args = {...} 
        local temp = _createObject( unpack(args) ) 
        setElementDoubleSided(temp, true) 
        return temp 

  2. Bro i know those function but i'm asking how to store vehicle handling data inside table.

    i tried this but i don't know if it's working or not because i didn't test it yet:

    for i, hand in ipairs (getVehicleHandling(theVehicle)) do 
                    if handling == "" then 
                        handling = hand 
                        handling = handling..","..hand 

  3. i don't know why didn't work with dxDrawText just one line appear , all what i need how to resize the dxRectangle

    i tried this but did work.

    just a part from my script:

    -- Your example ofc with string.split function  
    myString = "1234567891011121314151617181920abcdefghi" -- 40 Characters 
    allLines = string.split ( myString, 20 ) 
    function testDx() 
    for _, line in ipairs ( allLines ) do 
      -- i add my code here to call the Dx function  
    -- And i add this to get the text width (it's correct or not) 
    -- settings tabe (bla , bla) 
    local X = dxGetTextWidth(string.gsub(line,"%#%x%x%x%x%x%x",""),settings.fontHeight,settings.font)+20*settings.scale 
    local Y = dxGetFontHeight(settings.fontHeight,settings.font)*2+40*settings.scale 

  4. Hi guys please i have a question , how can i save vehicle handling , (Property , Value) ,

    i think i need to use "getVehicleHandling" but i don't know how to extract the value from this table , can anyone help me .

  5. thx bro it's working but i got an other problem here :

      private function write($socket, $packet) 
            fwrite($socket, $packet); 

    fwrite(): send of 1 bytes failed with errno=1 Operation not permitted

  6. Hi guys i have a question , it's possible to edit lua file using FilerWrite , example i create a command and i want when use this command a line or text will be add inside the lua file.

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