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  1. hi guys :) , please i have a question and i need some help i create my own interior with map editor and now i want to change it to and other :



    how can i do this . in other words when i warped to this interior i will find my self in other dimension .

  2. hi guys please how can i make admin they don't need to pay 1000 when they fix there cars here :

    a part from my script

    if getPlayerMoney(source) >= tonumber(1000) then 
            takePlayerMoney ( source, 1000 ) 
            local vehicle = getVehicleByID(id) 
            if isElement(vehicle) then 
                setVehicleEngineState(vehicle, true) 
                if isVehicleDamageProof(vehicle) then 
                    setVehicleDamageProof(vehicle, false) 

  3. hi guys please can any one help me i create a script to prevent players in my server from using server command , like start , restart , refresh , etc ... but me too i can't use them : (i'm staff ) .

    i will explane my script it's server side scripte i create table with all MTA server commands eg :

    Command = { 
    ['delaccount']      = true;  
    } -- etc .... 
    -- then i create this function : 
    addEventHandler ( 'onPlayerCommand',getRootElement ( ), 
        function ( cmd ) 
            if Command [ cmd ] then 
                cancelEvent (   ); 
                kickPlayer ( source, "Command Not Allowed" ); 

    so my question how can i make admin will be able to use those commands i tried many exports function : like isPlayerInTeams , isPlayerStaff but i think there is something wrong , thx fro help .

  4. guys please i want to create script which is i want to create a custom skin for some players example :

    Palyer account name is : xxxxx

    so when xxx check the skin he will find his custom skin but other players can use it . thank you

  5. It works as normal, just configure and run MTA server on the VPS's remote desktop (as its windows)

    most vps servers come with strict firewall configuration by default however, you need to add MTA Server.exe to the windows firewall-allow list, or else it will show as if the ports are closed.

    sorry bro i'm new can you explane to me how can i connect to my VPS or what should i do . thx

  6. i try it it , didn't work

    Note : my Gui is working fine and i can see players inside the Gridlist but i don't know why i got this warning .

    i'm sorry about my english .

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