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  1. Ah ok thank you.
  2. I mean without needing to put a file path like. like its I type fileExists(/mods/*) will it return file names for all in directory
  3. Would it be possible for me to check what files are in a folder and save them in a table For example: local files = {} fileCheck("/mods") returns all files in folder tableinsert(files, server.lua) tableinsert(files,client.lua) tableinsert(files,text.dff) tableinsert(files,meta.xml) tableinsert(files,color.txd)
  4. Everytime I load map editor it loads me into dimension 200. Even on server restart and creating new map. If I set it back with admin panel when I add object it then sets me back to dimension 200 so it is impossible to map.
  5. function loadGUI() Adder.Window = guiCreateWindow(lx*500, ly*500, 404, 250, "Object Adder", false) Adder.Button = guiCreateButton(0.62, 0.26, 0.33, 0.66, "ADD OBJECT", true, Adder.Window) addEventHandler( "onClientGUIClick", Adder.Button, sendData) end addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", getRootElement( ), loadGUI ) If I click on the gui window Adder.Window it executes sendData() when it should on execute if click on button
  6. Still doesnt work anyone ?
  7. So in the shader I program the gui?
  8. Anything about grid lists ?
  9. How can I make a shader or do I have to download one?
  10. So I have been thinking about drawing a 3D GUI. However, I am unsure what functions to use as there are only 3D functions there are: DxDrawLine3D DxDrawMaterialLine3D DxDrawMaterialSectionLine3D Would I have to draw lots of 3D lines one after the other to create a 3D rectangle and How would you get people clicking on the GUI etc.
  11. Thanks @NeXuS™ made a c0ckup had oz instead of ox. local object = createObject( mid, oz, oy, oz, rox, roy, roz, false)
  12. Right Thank you very much so it is spawning but It is not visible I have used getelementmodel to check to see if the object is being created and it is but just cannot see it any idea why i have tried using setelementinterior 0 and setelementdimension 0 function loadObjects() local nrQuery = dbQuery(sqlConnection, "SELECT * FROM landobjects") local rQuery = dbPoll( nrQuery, -1 ) if (rQuery) then if (loaded == 0) then for _, row in ipairs(rQuery) do print(row["ox"]) if (not row) then outputChatBox( "no row", getRootElement()) break end local mid = row["mid"] if (not mid) then outputChatBox( "No model ID", getRootElement( )) break end local ox = row["ox"] local rox = row["rox"] local oy = row["oy"] local roy = row["roy"] local oz = row["oz"] local roz = row["roz"] local object = createObject( mid, oz, oy, oz, rox, roy, roz, false) setElementDimension( object, 0 ) setElementInterior( object, 0) print(getElementModel( object )) if (row["ds"] == 1) then setElementDoubleSided( object, true ) else setElementDoubleSided( object, false ) end table.insert(LCobs, object) triggerClientEvent( "objectStream", getRootElement( ), object, mid ) loaded = 1 end else clearLoadedObjects() loadObjects() loaded = 0 outputChatBox( "Objects Reloaded" ) end else outputChatBox( "No Objects to Load") loaded = 0 end end addCommandHandler( "loadall", loadObjects )
  13. Returns 1 so it is checking so why is rQuery return false then?
  14. What do you mean up, if you mean is the data loaded onto phpmyadmin then yes. I use MYSQL workshop to access the server db as easier than phpmyadmin