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  1. Lee este post https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/52651-help-how-to-replace-the-clothes/ Lee este post https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/52651-help-how-to-replace-the-clothes/
  2. Crespo_

    Script help

    You can use functions that work with the database that mta provides for your server https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetElementData https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetElementData
  3. A few hours ago I managed to generate the vehicle on the client side (sorry for not updating the post), when the player accepts the destination a bus is generated, which accelerates to a stop, now, I have the problem of how to generate the cloning of the player ( I guess it could be via createPed and setCameratarget), do I divert the player to another dimension to avoid some kind of conflict? as far as, as far as the bus accelerates, I determined it through the distance vector being completely perpendicular to the maker of the busstop
  4. El error te lo está tirando porque no estás usando el argumento que definiste arriba, cambia vehicle por vehiculo, y además cambia la función que estás usando por https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GetElementModel
  5. Hey! I edited a one ammunation in the desert, I was able to do what you told me to do but the color of the object, seems strange to me, it seems that the object has no texture, the DFF off the object is it DFF: desn2_ammun.dff
  6. Thank you very much !, But one last query, I tried to get the .dff textures from the original gta files, but the only ones I see are the wheels, how can I get them?
  7. I already installed blender and the dragonff plugin
  8. !Hello Community!, Im developing a transport system for my server This consists of a system of busstops, in which you can go to destinations within the city, currently when the player makes the trip the following animation is generated: a bus appears in the initial terminal, then a "fadecamera", and another bus in the final terminal. I have 2 problems with this animation. 1_ I don't know how to make the vehicle only see the local player, I tried to use the setElementAlpha () function, but the arguments are defined for all players. 2_ I would like to give it a further plus of realism in which the player gets off the bus (I don't know which function to use to show this) or that the bus makes a movement, in this last fact I am even more disoriented. I attach images. if someone can guide me, I will be very grateful!
  9. which of these softwares is easier to use?, and what plugins i need for this software?
  10. Hey Tut!, im very new in this world of models, can u see me anyone topic on this forum about unwanted mesh?
  11. Hello community !, I want to see if there is any way to create interiors directly (without markers), or if there is already a mod that allows this, I tried to create them from the map editor, but when I try to remove the doors to put objects inside I find a black box, and it is impossible to remove it.
  12. Hola, he visto en muchos servidores que utilizan un bot de discord para reproducir el chat ingame y poder escribir en este, quería consultar si alguno conoce alguna guía de instalación de estos para poder compartirla
  13. Si deseas ver las cuentas usa getAccounts(), si deseas utilizar las contraseñas de los players, utiliza una base de datos externa de mta
  14. Che, ahora tenemos un problema, como se guardan los kills y deaths :V
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