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  1. what do you mean, set their status to wait? that's already on the chase_move function I think its just the checks, whenever I tried to fix the debug errors showing up by adding checks they start to act weird I think i've found the problem but let's see again if he acts like this, basically here: else -- if the ped isnt stuck if px and py and pz and oldTx and oldTy and oldTz then -- I had this on if oldPx and oldPy and oldPz and px and py and pz, which does not match the distance variable local distance = (getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(px, py, pz, oldTx, oldTy, oldTz)) if (distance >
  2. yes I removed the elses I've put on the first code, first they were fine but now there's something wrong again hahaha, it seems like the bots are not updating when I die: I also edited the changestatus and removed the else function changestatus(dataName) if getElementType(source) == "ped" and dataName == "status" and (getElementData(source, "slothbot") == true) then if (getElementData(source, "status") == "chasing") then local player = getElementData(source, "target") if isElement(player) then -- HERE local oldTx, oldTy, oldTz = getElementPosition(player) loca
  3. seems to be working fine, as the other first code with many elses, ill give an update whenever the boss acts like on the video again..
  4. okay i removed an else, but see if this code would work fine? I removed the else and the extra chase_move function and just added the check instead, this is mostly all the same on the chase_move function on serverside, there are multiple lines like these. if oldPx and oldPy and oldPz and px and py and pz then local pdistance = (getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(oldPx, oldPy, oldPz, px, py, pz)) if (pdistance < 1) and (inrange == 0) then -- if the ped is stuck but not in range of the player local weap = getPedWeaponSlot(ped) if (weap == 1) or (weap == 7) then setPedWeaponSlot(ped, 0) trig
  5. I added else since when I didn't, they didnt recognize me and won't attack me. I've always did the checks without the else, they just won't attack me. But okay i'll try once again and remove the elses,
  6. Hello, This has been bugging me for quite a while now, and it's even weirder as this happens not always, sometimes only, but that is the flaw here, I managed to edit slothbot a bit, making the boss run when he's far and when he's near setting ped animation, thats all I did and since the original slothbot was giving errors, and I was not happy about it, so I edited it a bit, to remove those showing errors, here are the errors: so I managed to remove the errors by doing checks where the errors show, bot works perfectly, but there are times like these, happening, see video below:
  7. oh so it wouldn't matter if i put root instead of getLocalPlayer() on the addEventHandler?
  8. oh okay thanks but what about if I want to show a "GUI" or "DX" to a certain player, is using getLocalPlayer() or localPlayer fine on the addEventHandler? function showgui() guiSetVisible(wear, true) guiSetVisible(cancel, true) guiSetAlpha(wear, 0) guiSetAlpha(cancel, 0) showCursor(true) addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", getRootElement(), drawpurifier) end addEvent("showgui", true) addEventHandler("showgui", getLocalPlayer(), showgui) addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", resourceRoot, function(hitElement) if source == rmarker3 then if getElementType( hitElement ) == "player" th
  9. Client: function onBossEventEnd() removehp() stopmusic() end addEvent("onBossEventEnd", true) addEventHandler("onBossEventEnd", getRootElement(), onBossEventEnd) Server: triggerClientEvent(root, "onBossEventEnd", root) something like this?
  10. Hello, thankyou! but can you help me once again here, So basically this shows that everytime the boss dies theres a loop that goes thru players and checks if they have the bossparticipated data to true, we killed the boss and a player got the exp and rewards despite not joining the fight, the data is turned to true by attacking the boss, which he wasnt present at the time, so why was this triggered? idk if its possible or he was joking but can u see if there are reasons why that happened or if its possible to happen? C Side ( the damage and data set to true ) function bossdama
  11. i even tried using showsound but firing one shot from a gun shows not just one index so its pretty confusing.
  12. Hello i disabled original weapons sound using setWorldSoundEnabled ( 5, false ), all of them, but the reload seems to be affected, what is the index ID for the reload sound so I can enable it?, also the punching sound is gone
  13. Hello, what is the recommended FPS limit for a server?, I like to run mine on 60 FPS Locked, is it safe?, only 60 FPS not above 60 FPS.
  14. -- Aftermath Post-Apocalyptic RPG BETA-- --Aftermath Zombie RPG BETA-- Introduction: Aftermath Post-Apocalyptic RPG, for short: Aftermath Zombie RPG is a server composed of multiple genres such as Zombies, RPG, and War, basi
  15. thanks i got another small issue i wonder if you could help with this, this is C-side and it's got localPlayer, it triggers an event where u click u respawn, but 1 time i died, didnt click respawn button, but probably one other player did, my character got respawned, why tho? elseif (source == respawnb ) then setTimer(function() setElementData(localPlayer, "dead", false) end, 2500, 1) guiSetVisible(respawn, false) setTimer(function() triggerServerEvent("respawndeath", localPlayer) showCursor(false) end, 2000, 1) the event: function respawndeath() setPedStat (client, 24, 570)
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