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  1. They say the proof is in the pudding, well, here's more pudding. "...Good Job" Sounds like he's admitting his guilt. As for protecting the cheater, as you can see I'm clearly not. There's only the proof that needs to be there. I just think other people should have their rights, that's all
  2. I'm protecting a well-known hacker... he spiled some naughty lines in those few sentances... that was taken in the heat of a MAJOR flame war Also, now it's Boom. Ans BaM/Boom was spotted flying a packer in a similar manner...
  3. VcG-BaM The chat box has been censored for privacy.
  4. No way man, if anything, I'd bump the maximum amount of letters in your name to 20 or more, so you can use tags like [COP] or [KFC]... example: [KFC]KungFuGrip
  5. By the way, hey B0b0 can you send me the link to that forum... im quite interested AND have some chattin to do with my pal Cudda about the anti-crc
  6. LOL I think Colin Powell would be the right person to call, but, whatever... lol
  7. Seems too hard, especially if you're a New Jersian and some limey-ass birt or salnty-eyed chinese dude figures out how to cheat. Airfare costs big $$$
  8. What up wit dat? It seems like a pretty easy bug to fix
  9. IP? That's so easy to dodge with Primedius WebTunnel... even if the connection is slower. So if it's an IP ban, big deal. Maybe you should install a little spyware script that checks youw Windows ID, then blocks that A small little cheat could turn into a $300 mistake.
  10. How will anti-cheat (full server ban) be useful if you're blocked, when you can always log on as another name?
  11. I have Windows 98, a 56k and 450mHZ computer and I still manage to make MTA run with a ping lower than 600^_^
  12. There's a new NOS mod I tried that's way better than spinnies method. Instead of just bumping up speed for 4 seconds it doubles car speed, works on any car, and makes your car puff a flame and shakes the camera! You gotta try this mod, its at codename vice.
  13. Well... so much for you guys... It'll be disappointing watching all that hard work go down the drain with the multi-enhanced 6th release of GTA.
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