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  1. Finally. its working, but not after update, after board when gta told me try recover all settings. I'll do it and its work fine. Thank you all who helping me.
  2. Now I fix that audio error. install newest MTA but it still not working. this one they told me to share.
  3. aš tik prieš pora metų esu žaides MTA dar su senu pc. tai ten apie 1.1 buvo versija mta gal. o šiaip ieškojau senesnės, bet nerandu niekur
  4. when I installing GTA I don't press on install audio files or stmgh. thats why I can't start?
  5. Sveiki gal galit kas padėt, kai bandau jungt map editor, arba jungtis į bet kokį serva meta error CD09 arba CD15 abu matosi žemiau foto. gal galit padėt? antivirusine išiungiau, firewall leidima daviau, internas geras 10mb/s, pc geras pajėgus. įrašiau 1.3.5 versija į švarų GTA san andrea be cheatų be modų jokių be nieko. ir vistiek neveikia
  6. Hello. I just download MTA 1.3.5 and install, (in clean gta sa no mods, no cheats and other..) and when I try start Map editor or log in in every server I get same messege error CD09 Connection with the server was lost, or CD15 disconected from server. I don't know how to fix it. my internet is OK, computer have a lot of power. But this is just don't working...