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  1. How to make ped attacking player

    https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Slothman/Slothbot "guarding"
  2. MTA-DayZ

  3. Help! Weather nature night and day sounds

    function Nightmare() local hour,minutes = getTime() if hour == 06 and minutes == 0 then local sound = playSound("day.mp3") elseif hour == 12 and minutes == 0 then local sound = playSound("day.mp3") elseif hour == 15 and minutes == 0 then local sound = playSound("night.mp3") elseif hour == 20 and minutes == 0 then local sound = playSound("night.mp3") --setSoundVolume(sound,50.0) end end addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart",getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()),Nightmare) setTimer(sound, 12000,0)
  4. How to know commands written by players

  5. Explosion on contact

    Yes, i can script. Now i have: function Stworz() if Uzyte then return end if isCursorShowing( ) then return end local Bron = getPedWeapon ( localPlayer ) if getPedAmmoInClip( localPlayer ) < 1 then return end if (Bron == 25) then if isPedAiming(localPlayer) then Uzyte = true local xm, ym, zm = getPedWeaponMuzzlePosition ( localPlayer ) local infx,infy,infz = getPositionInfrontOfLP () local x, y, z, lx, ly, lz, roll, dof = getCameraMatrix () local velx, vely = (infx-x)*0.2, (infy-y)*0.2 Granat = createProjectile(getLocalPlayer(),16,xm,ym,zm-0.05,0,nil,0,0,0,velx, vely,lz-z+0.1) local uSound = playSound3D( 'Files/wpn_grenadelauncher_fire_3d_01.wav', x, y, z ) setElementDimension( uSound, getElementDimension( localPlayer ) ) setElementInterior( uSound, getElementInterior( localPlayer ) ) setTimer ( function () Uzyte = false end, 60/throwInMinute*1000, 1) triggerServerEvent( "ZabierzAmmo", resourceRoot, localPlayer, 25, 1 ) end end end bindKey ( "mouse1", "down", Stworz ) And i want to create Explosion when granate hit other object.
  6. Explosion on contact

    Hello, whos can help me? I want to create explosion when granate hit other object. Whos know how can i do that?
  7. Take ammo

    Okej, that work but why when i have 1 ammo in clip and i shoot resource set 1 ammo in clip? When i have 2-maxinclip is good. function TakeAmmo( plr, ID, ILOSC ) local TotalAmmo = getPedTotalAmmo( plr ) local Ammo = getPedAmmoInClip( plr ) setWeaponAmmo(plr, ID, TotalAmmo - 1, Ammo - 1) end
  8. Take ammo

    Hello, i have problem with my script. I want take player ammo in clip but i dont know how. I can get ammo "getPedAmmoInClip" but i can't set that. Whos can help me with that?
  9. load resource from github

    Yes, that is good idea.
  10. Camera rotation

    Yea, but how can i change CameraRotation?
  11. Camera rotation

    Hello. I have question. How can i rotate player camera? When i use teleport camera is target on wall, i want rotate is aout 180*. (Sorry, my English is bad...)
  12. MTA:DayZ 0.7 Source Code!

    When next update? Fix Bugs
  13. Nagrywanie

    Witam, mam pytanie, istnieje jakis program do nagrywania "Trailera" z serwera? Nie chce aby na nagraniu widniała moja postać itp.
  14. Pobieranie plikow

    Witam, mam pytanie, na pewnym serwerze sa tekstury obiektów które bym chciał nabyć, wie ktos jak je można pobrać z serwera? Wiem ze jest taka możliwość.