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  1. Yes, i can script. Now i have: function Stworz() if Uzyte then return end if isCursorShowing( ) then return end local Bron = getPedWeapon ( localPlayer ) if getPedAmmoInClip( localPlayer ) < 1 then return end if (Bron == 25) then if isPedAiming(localPlayer) then Uzyte = true local xm, ym, zm = getPedWeaponMuzzlePosition ( localPlayer ) local infx,infy,infz = getPositionInfrontOfLP () local x, y, z, lx, ly, lz, roll, dof = getCameraMatrix () local velx, vely = (infx-x)*0.2, (infy-y)*0.2 Granat = createProjectile(getLocalPlayer(),16,xm,ym,zm-0.05,0,nil,0,0,0,velx, vely,lz-z+0.1) local uSound = playSound3D( 'Files/wpn_grenadelauncher_fire_3d_01.wav', x, y, z ) setElementDimension( uSound, getElementDimension( localPlayer ) ) setElementInterior( uSound, getElementInterior( localPlayer ) ) setTimer ( function () Uzyte = false end, 60/throwInMinute*1000, 1) triggerServerEvent( "ZabierzAmmo", resourceRoot, localPlayer, 25, 1 ) end end end bindKey ( "mouse1", "down", Stworz ) And i want to create Explosion when granate hit other object.
  2. Hello, whos can help me? I want to create explosion when granate hit other object. Whos know how can i do that?
  3. Okej, that work but why when i have 1 ammo in clip and i shoot resource set 1 ammo in clip? When i have 2-maxinclip is good. function TakeAmmo( plr, ID, ILOSC ) local TotalAmmo = getPedTotalAmmo( plr ) local Ammo = getPedAmmoInClip( plr ) setWeaponAmmo(plr, ID, TotalAmmo - 1, Ammo - 1) end
  4. Hello, i have problem with my script. I want take player ammo in clip but i dont know how. I can get ammo "getPedAmmoInClip" but i can't set that. Whos can help me with that?
  5. Yes, that is good idea.
  6. Yea, but how can i change CameraRotation?
  7. Hello. I have question. How can i rotate player camera? When i use teleport camera is target on wall, i want rotate is aout 180*. (Sorry, my English is bad...)
  8. When next update? Fix Bugs
  9. Witam, mam pytanie, istnieje jakis program do nagrywania "Trailera" z serwera? Nie chce aby na nagraniu widniała moja postać itp.
  10. Witam, mam pytanie, na pewnym serwerze sa tekstury obiektów które bym chciał nabyć, wie ktos jak je można pobrać z serwera? Wiem ze jest taka możliwość.