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  1. deleted or uninstalled? only this ive done is uninstall
  2. still doesnt work.........i wanna play MTA but i still cant!
  3. ok had a MTA error and now it doesnt let me connect to Kindergarden server no more.
  4. seems ur server does work....i am connected. whats the problem then
  5. now i get a Server Refused Connection. I have ADSL and im not banned because ive done nothing nor played MTA.
  6. i just notice something. Where it says Game and lets me pick between 1.0 and 1.1 i can click on the drop down of 1.0 and 1.1 but i cant click on the Game drop down when i use to in previous versions. Is this normal or is this a glitch i have and how do i fix it?
  7. I still have the problem ive had some months ago. I havent solve it. I look in the 0.3 filter in ASE and whenever i join any game it gives me this message. How do i fix this? Ive uninstalled GTAVC then MTA then resintalled GTAVC then MTA. Ive tried uninstalling MTA then GTAVC, then Reinstallin GTVC then MTA nothing. Please someone provide a solution or link to the solution.
  8. any fixes?? still getting same error........ (btw why isnt image posting allowed?)
  9. (useful topics doesnt have nething with 0.3br2) Mr.Bump: like i said in IRC i click on Other and even downloaded the custom filter and it does not connect. It gives the same message. i GOTTA ask although its stupid; has it accually been tested to connect to people's server?? Or another thought ive thought is the news u people posted Maybe people havent updated their server. Could this be the reason?
  10. u want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth??? http://www.dslreports.com/ no lieing on there. you just put in you zip code and it gives u the fastest/cheapest DSL/cable provider in your area. And all the internation people are also covered!
  11. same problem here. i clicked on other, tried a server, but it says the same. Can i make a filter myself for ASE and MTA 0.3r2?
  12. im not using warez i bought the game (hell i was the first in line when the store opened) but i got sick and tired of just putting in and out the cd so i downloaded a no cd patch and thats what im using until i downloaded the new version of mta and now it gives me this message. im accually thinking now twice of installing anymore mta versions. i mean im greatful for the mod but this is the 2nd time it messed up gtavc. (and offtopic mta team should allow to attach files on these fomus. that way screenies are possible.)
  13. hey i was wondering if its too much trouble but is it possible to mod gta so on a bike u can shoot to the rear? (when drive by shootings are finally supported of course)
  14. now everytime i try to play gtavc or mtavc after a few mins my comp gives me the error of "Error Reading the Grand Theft Auto Vice City DVD" and it locks up. How the f*ck do i fix it? its driving me nuts. Respond ASAP.
  15. i had similar problem just the sound was very quiet. ended up reinstalling drivers too
  16. chaingun on almost all low-powered system in single player it lags. so imagine MP
  17. "1" vs all "1" has a chaingun with unlimited ammo and a full vest plus more than the usual 100 health and he cant get any health/armor pickups all has server chosen weapon(s) and they gotta take out "1". The guy who takes out "1" becomes "1"
  18. just a commment about reconnecting u guys should seriously take off that 10 second delay
  19. reinstalled my audio controller. but this is mta 0.2 fault because theres no other explaination to this nor have i or another program done nething.
  20. what happen? the second time (and now everytime) i use mta or gtavc i have very very little sound. whats wrong? ive tried the volume the settings everything nothing. Help please ASAP
  21. smaller map reply: the server has a choice. other suggestions reply: i havent read/heard suggestions; 1, 2, 4, and 7 so i dont know where u get that im ripping these (maybe from other games) but not from other MTA users
  22. 1) Smaller Map For example a server can decide to make the map only the street that malibu is on or Starfish Insland or whatever 2) Follow The Leader (Sounds kinda of childish but oh well) This is a gamemode. For example there is 5 cars and 1 is the leader. The leader has to take the followers thru the color hoops like in single player racing. Now the other 4 can do several things: a) Follow the leader and stay off the boarder of the rader. If you stay on the border for say 3 seconds you must restart from where you started. You also restart if you dont go thru one of the color hoops the leader did. b) You have to get in front of the current leader for 3 seconds (or blow him up) to become the new leader. You lose ur leadership if you miss a color circle. 3) Capture the Flag Well this has problably already been said. Just simple capture the flag between the gangs (or 2 teams or whatever) and return it to base 4) Freeze Tag (Yea im a Quaker. Problem?) It can be between Gangs or Cop and Robbers. You gotta freeze the other team and when you do that you get a point. You can thaw players. If a player is in a car and car freezes too and requires more thawing. 5) 2 Player Single Player Self Explanitory 6) Rob Well this would be in between the gangs. Cubans can maybe have Cuban Cigars, Cuban expensive shirts. Army could have maybe plans to a Iraq attack or the video of George Clinton in the white houes and each gang would have to rob the other team's objects. And you get money the longer you keep the object. You could sell it off to other gangs. And maybe if you lose objects you lose abilities such as speed, gun fire rate, car handling ect. If you lose all your objects it would be almost impossible to win again. You win if you get the most money or objects 7)King Of Areas The map is split up into several areas. At first each gang has to get to the most areas on the map. As soon as 1 gang member touches the area the area belongs to the gang. If that one gang member goes out the area it is offically free (of course if its a small member of players playing it be different: if the gang member leave the area the area still would belong to the gang. To take the area, you would have to get more members of your gang on that area. Example: 1 Cuban takes over area 1. It would take 2 or more Armies to take over the area.) If a gang member doesnt get out the area he'd have to be killed to get the area Well alot of these ideas are rips from other games and some are damn straight impossible to get into MTA/GTA but they're just my ideas. Feedback (even if its flame) requested.
  23. someone before said there was a patch is that a patch that fixes this somewhat or is it a patch for gtavc?
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