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  1. How i can get one data from table?

  2. clipboard text

    You can't due to privacy reasons.
  3. What can i do if someone stole/hack my server?

    Usually people get a globan ban if they were using hacking software or something serious, but if you gave someone an admin and he destroyed it, i'm afraid then it's your fault. Same for the scripts. If you really think that someone actually hacked admin system in your server, and you think your scripts are not to blame for that, then you can contact @ccw, but make sure that you have proof for that and it would be good to know or at least have a theory how someone did the hacks. I'll just write down script security measures which i recommend , just in case: Use on your scripts with maximum encrpytion (obfuscation). And in meta.xml in your resources make sure that client scripts which look like: <script src="client.lua" type="client" /> Change them into this: <script src="client.lua" type="client" cache="false" /> Setting cache to false will make sure that players who play your server don't have any client scripts downloaded on their PC, but instead it's run inside their RAM. With script security you can never be 100% safe, but you can make it harder for people to steal it by doing these methods which I've mentioned. Also, be careful who you give admin access too, it can be dangerous. However, if you give someone FTP access to your server, and they abuse it, then they can basically do anything, steal/delete anything.
  4. [REL] Hex-colored nametags (physical - above head..)

    The resource had an update, in case you guys are using this resource, update it to newer version as it fixes some issues like bug with nametags not being shown correctly on players in vehicles and the newer code has various optimizations to prevent client lag when run with too many players. Also the code has been tidied up a bit, got rid of some forgotten leftovers.
  5. [HELP]Team Spawn

    Hello. It would help us to help with your issue, if you would put that code in a code box which this text editor on this forum offers, you click on it, and it looks like < > It's easier to look the code when it's inside that code box as it makes it look better to diagnose. Also, use /debugscript 3 and tell us if you have any errors there when you start the resource. (/debugscript 3 info is also essential in helping us to help you with your problem when asking about script fixes)
  6. [REL] Hex-colored nametags (physical - above head..)

    No, it just converts colorcodes from nicknames to their colors, if you want to edit nametag's alpha, you'll have to edit it by yourself.
  7. [REL] Hex-colored nametags (physical - above head..)

    @Uknown. What do you mean? I don't understand you.
  8. Pitanje

    ma znamo ju svi, sada ima ovaj username @xeon17
  9. Who is the true owner of [F.F]

    what is F.F
  10. Mobile App with Lua

    You could have googled that by yourself and you would find out the answer in just a few minutes without the need to create a topic and having to wait for 17 hours for someone to reply to it
  11. Map to Lua converter

    I don't know what your server is or how it looks like, if it has 3rd party mods on objects, no wonder it takes longer to load. I've just tested creating objects and it wasn't even noticeable at all. Please note if you create huge amounts of objects at once near localPlayer (inside his stream; 300m radius) it will lag no matter which map loader type is being used due to GTA/MTA creating the objects and loading them in stream. It's kinda insane to do that around a player, it's better to warp him somewhere safe until objects are created because here are results: The process depends on client's CPU but even on slower systems it makes 100k objects outside stream under a second or two
  12. Map to Lua converter

    @CodyJ(L) You keep repeating the same thing. Can you tell us some info for instance? Like how much objects were you testing, how does it generally work? I can create 30,000 objects in an instant and edit their properties if needed or move them while they're being created without any stuttering. Maximum ever lag i had recorded for it was merely one second, but in 95% cases it's barely even noticeable that it did anything.
  13. Map to Lua converter

    The process is basically the same, only thing different is that .lua one can be customized to be even better than default mta loading system. If .lua map loading system was this terrible, hundreds of servers wouldn't be using it.
  14. The last reply

    hey blaster is that advanced gaming thingy still alive? idk if u remember me it was long ago, i met you and tosfera there in beta(?) with nick SunArrow