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  1. what is F.F
  2. You could have googled that by yourself and you would find out the answer in just a few minutes without the need to create a topic and having to wait for 17 hours for someone to reply to it
  3. I don't know what your server is or how it looks like, if it has 3rd party mods on objects, no wonder it takes longer to load. I've just tested creating objects and it wasn't even noticeable at all. Please note if you create huge amounts of objects at once near localPlayer (inside his stream; 300m radius) it will lag no matter which map loader type is being used due to GTA/MTA creating the objects and loading them in stream. It's kinda insane to do that around a player, it's better to warp him somewhere safe until objects are created because here are results: The process depends on client's CPU but even on slower systems it makes 100k objects outside stream under a second or two
  4. @CodyJ(L) You keep repeating the same thing. Can you tell us some info for instance? Like how much objects were you testing, how does it generally work? I can create 30,000 objects in an instant and edit their properties if needed or move them while they're being created without any stuttering. Maximum ever lag i had recorded for it was merely one second, but in 95% cases it's barely even noticeable that it did anything.
  5. The process is basically the same, only thing different is that .lua one can be customized to be even better than default mta loading system. If .lua map loading system was this terrible, hundreds of servers wouldn't be using it.
  6. hey blaster is that advanced gaming thingy still alive? idk if u remember me it was long ago, i met you and tosfera there in beta(?) with nick SunArrow
  7. Ja brate neznam kako vi to na SAMP-u ko kinezi jedni od drugih kopirate i imate sve skripte i imate po par stotina igrača ali ovdje na MTA serveri sa pokradenim skriptama nisu baš popularni (probaj logički zaključiti zašto) I nemoj ove negativne komentara smatrat ko mržnju nego shvati poantu ovih komentara; valhalla je smeće, plus ukradeno je što ga čini još većim smećem.
  8. Svaka budala može skinuti nešto sa interneta i uredit i nazvati to nešto svojim. To što si ti lijen ko kurac da pružiš imalo truda u nešto, to je tvoj problem. Da si imalo truda uložio u ovo možda bi i dobio malo poštovanja, ali ovo? Ja neznam šta ti očekuješ, mogo je ovo svako napravit. Ljudi cijene rad i marljivost, a ne lijenost i kopiranje. Kakav trud? Di ti ovdje vidis trud? Da se ovdje iko trudio, pokušali bi sami iskodirat server a ne samo skinut sa neta, to može svaka budala. Na kraju krajeva, istina je; možeš jednostavno otvorit server koji nije kompletno originalan. Ali ne možeš mi reći onda ako već to radiš da očekuješ da ćeš dobiti hrpu pozitivne podrške za nešto za što nije uloženo skoro nimalo rada.
  9. I think you've won the game since your post is last reply on this topic. Oh wait.... 2bad4you i replied
  10. If you get disconnected like that on every single server, then it is a global MTA ban.
  11. You can play MTA:SA without an antivirus. Just click OK button when it tells you that you don't have an antivirus, you can additionally tick 'don't ask me again' thingy so that it doesn't bother you every time you start MTA
  12. Would be nice though if MTA Team could ban serials of DDoS attackers if it's proven that they've done it. Con of that however is that then the banned person could DDoS MTA website/servers
  13. Alright thanks for all the help