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  1. Hi. After buying and installing a new GPU (AMD RX 580) I can no longer play MTA without it freezing 5 seconds after being in the menu. Some additional info: GTA works if I delete GTA User Files and don't mess with some(?) setting(s), namely disabling framelimiter causes an instant issue where game actually works, but it's frozen in the current frame forever Even if GTA works, mouse click support for it disappears after around a minute of playing. I do wanna note that some strange sound plays like 15 seconds prior to that (if I had to guess I'd say it's amd software center ma
  2. Hi there! Since this topic was created, I've done a good amount of jobs here and there but after a few months Iwent inactive. With this new message I want to announce that I am back and that if you need scripting services that I can provide them! Feel free to contact me on Discord (ZoeN#4774) or PM me here :)
  3. Well since XP and Vista users are running a separate branch of MTA, their version would probably contain something along xp-vista in version information.
  4. Which key-based encryption to use? I tried looking up AES for Lua, but due to mta "wanting to be safe" it doesn't allow some of the functions which are required for it to work. How exactly do I implement encryption, and then decryption so that clients can decrypt it without them being able to compromise all encrypted files (since they'd know how to decrypt a key)? And what about salting, should I do it, how should I do it... Is there something better than AES which I could use? Should I make a PHP script so that it can return aes-encrypted script to server (to circumvent the issue of l
  5. Hi there. I gotta send script files from server to clients, and I'm not sure what would be the best way to make it secure (encryption, salting, hashing, how it would work, which ones to use, etc.) as at the moment they are being sent in plain text which is obviously insecure. I am sending them over triggerClientEvent function if that is important to this discussion.
  6. Uh, I couldn't find an edit button for my topic so I'll have to mention it here; I've changed my Discord username to ZoeN#4774 so if you're going to contact me over Discord, use this name instead.
  7. I must say, considering what type of multigamemode servers usually come up on this forum (ones with stolen and edited mgm scripts) I've expected that this one would be the same, but I've been so wrong. The server looks amazing, that's some great work, customization kinda reminds me of ER, but overall the design is pretty dope Only thing what I'd change a bit are the nametags, they look somewhat to FFS' one. Good luck with server!
  8. Hello there. I am John Smith, also known as ZoeN. Today, I am here to offer my scripting services. Will they cost money? Yes. How much? I'll talk about it soon in this topic. Some info about me: I am an 18 year old guy from Croatia who has a particular interest in scripting on Multi Theft Auto. I've firstly started off back in 2014, going from simple Hello World scripts, to what I am today. A fully experienced MTA scripter with lots of experience and knowledge on how to do scripts, ranging from smaller projects to even bigger projects such as whole gamemodes and multigamemodes. What ca
  9. That means that the server you're trying to visit has specifically disabled ability to join it with Wine. Best thing what you can do here is to talk to the server owner(s) about it. For more reference to this SD #28 thing, you can take a look here: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Anti-cheat_guide
  10. Thank you man for replies. Didn't even know how these formats performed before. It's just making me sad that my designs can't be loaded correctly and scaled, they are very simple shapes made in Photoshop and they can be done in literally 30 seconds so there's no complexity in it whatsoever. The solutions of different formats such as dds with compressions like dxt5 are very useful and I'll take a good look on using them for images that don't require too much quality and images that would fit the power of two type of dimensions, however this one would look weird with power of two so I'll just lo
  11. Thank you that has solved it. However, what about images which have more colors? For instance, I can reproduce same issue I had with a rectangle which has glowing effect in a different color (when it's not PNG-8). However PNG-8 has 256 color limit, plus I need to convert all of them to that format which is a bit time wasting and reduces quality (of some) elements Why does this occur anyway? Does the color mode (8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit) affect this? I've just noticed that all of those images were made in 8-bit Color Mode with Photoshop, haven't noticed that before, it must be the default se
  12. Hello. I've run into an issue where I'm having a big white button image and when i draw it smaller than it's original dimensions, it gets black borders. On these links below you can notice difference where first link is picture drawn in original image dimensions while second link is same width of image but with reduced height. original - http://prntscr.com/hvosi8 scaled down - http://prntscr.com/hvos3y Now i do understand that when bigger images get scaled unproperly that it can lead to stretching and those sorts of problems but this image is 99.9% white pixels with just a littl
  13. Hey, thanks but onClientElementStreamIn doesn't work on world objects, I've just tested it. Dunno what else there is to do, should I just make a feature request on bugtracker?
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