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  1. Crassus


    New scripts to the server - Come join and enjoy the friendly environment : )
  2. I actually noticed after I posted after a few mins , but thanks anyways. Already been working on it a bit and probably going to add some more tomorrow.
  3. Hey I defiantly think you should visit "ArgonathRPG", there is room for the serious roleplayers and the less serious. There are quite a few factions there and one of the biggest faction over there are the Russian mob. Check my signature for IP.
  4. You guys interested in adding "Danish" to the list? I could help translate.
  5. Crassus


    A new fresh gang who operate in the streets of San Fierro in Argonath RPG(see signature for IP). We're nothing serious really, we love to roleplay and have fun with each other and that also means no serious RP like forcing others to change their way of RPing. We have access for TS if needed but it's not really a demand but would only be a good thing for having those funny moments together. Then if you're looking for a funny gang who are friendly towards everyone and the main objective is to have fun then T7A is something for you! Hope to see some faces in-game, take care!