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  1. At the beginig of making 0.3 we have a chance to incude this in next version. Because it won't be easy to include something in released product. Am I right?
  2. Maledict

    GROW UP!

    To hope in without problems and friends we need good teamplay
  3. What do we want of 0.3 version? My wish list: -Boats, dodo, and sea sparrow -Weapons on hunter (but with ending ammo) -Granade launcher -More gamemodes (such as 'king of the hill', 'CtF', 'VIP', 'DM VIP' and 'racing')
  4. You know what I see? I see years of waiting MTA:VC 0.3
  5. Hmm... I'm russian, and itsn't my fault My problem has gone .
  6. I can't play MTA .2 . Then i try to connect, it says about problem, but i doesn't says what problem is it. What is going on?
  7. I think it unpolite to say such things about ME! I think. Sorry Remember - I'm not member for 1 second.
  8. If i didin't, I won't write this Sorry for my english
  9. I LOVE YOU, MTA TEAM!!! I believe(I hope) that you'll release Mta:VC 0.2 soon, day or two
  10. Not possible right now ... Right now? So, i can hope, at last
  11. will there be NPC? (peds and cars) I think it'll be more intresting. If you don't believe me - play GTA 1 seriosly.
  12. I hope where'll be peds and cars in the streets. If it's not, i'll hope a gametype of killing cops together with peds. Is where any shiper weapons?
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