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  1. A friend told me about GTA3 Multiplay, so i started looking on http://www.google.nl for it and i found the site! (btw i've only used the VC mod, cause VC RULEZZZZZZ )
  2. mmm... whe are supposed to know what you mean? ROFLMFAO
  3. http://www.udon'twonnadothis.com But please y'all BUY THE GAME! cause i cant believe y'all bought the game... I'm giving the url cause MTA is the best multiplayer game around and i want every1 to enjoy it!
  4. ta duuuuuuuu ta duuuuuuuuu SUPER WORK TEAM! Keep it up!
  5. No its a fake! The 4000+ members are just a part of the joke! Yes we've got an other sucker! God they are dumb, to think this mod is for real LOL :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  6. The boats are impossible (at least in the next version) they have said that A MILLION times so i think they are sure it's impossible But i do want to know if the Capture the Coke teamplay thing will be included, cause it's gonna be the best multiplay mode ever!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  7. I've downed the movie about the selection of the caracters and it seems that every caracter has it's own weapons! is this right? Cause i think this will be very hard too balance and therefore 1 caracter will get a advantage!
  8. Off course i cant wait for 0.2! But i wanted to know if the thing Capture the Coke will be included (the team thing will so...)
  9. that is a SUPER! idea even better then Get the Coke! But i dont think they'll be able to make the bodyguard thing (or they could try to use the police AI of the singleplayer *HINT**HINT*) because it's hard to sync (or something like that)! Developers please reply, cause i would like to now if the idea could be reality!
  10. This idea rocks! and the problem with the cars, just give every team some basic cars (2 motors, a fast car, a FAT car, etc) this way you create an extra teamelement! cause on a motor you're fast but no match ive your hit by one of the big cars! so you need a teammate with you!
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