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  1. i didnt i used fraps and then conpressed it
  2. Your bike will turn black if your playing, but if its a replay it shows you still on it with a perfect bike just a bit of black smoke tailing the bike. I tried it, its the same. Just not a back flip, but it will show you the person is dead and became a ragdoll. click here
  3. He looks quite dead to me. When your on a bike and die in the air your just a rag doll sitting on a bike, lol. I ve done something like that but not a back flip. Also bike doesnt turn black when your still sitting on it. I can be conpletely wrong because you say that your still alive. Besides everything its still nice to see a way to get a backflip.
  4. I took it down, so i can convert it to a better quality. Also my second vid is almost done. please be patient. Thank you
  5. Hey hey please tell me what you guys think of the stunts!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. This is my first movie, editing isn't pro, but I just thought people would like to see some of these stunts. Well enjoy.... http://www.ltdstudios.com/gtafreelancers/newplayer.zip
  7. Would help to add a date the movie was made or posted, hhehe
  8. I crash after i die most the times, if i stay alive it don't crash for a long while, I stay on longer then 0.1 hehe. Just got to stay alive! So I say its a good improvement.
  9. Whats the record for jumping cars with just a packer? I know the record for packer on a ramp was about all of mta vehicles, that would be like 42. But i want to know whats the record for a packer thats on the ground?
  10. YAY i was waiting for at least a release date hehehe. Sounds good, I can t wait to play it.
  11. Here is how it goes, i have made 1 zip file full of the ones i have made and thought it would be good. That one is 31.9 mb. Then i have made 2 seperate ones. One MTA and one GTAVC. The MTA one zipped is about 8 mb, and the GTAVC one is about 24mb. I can host it to those who wants to download it, but will only give the url to those who email me. I hope some one can put my vids in good use, hehe.
  12. Im going to see how the file size goes and from there we will see where they go. Some are not MTA some are but i think you guys prob want the MTA ones. But let me get the file size then we can go from there
  13. I have some vids/scene (Stunt) or whatever you can call it, and I was going to make a video but I don't have much time to do so. So i was hoping someone can take some of them and add it to their video. I got a few good ones and some ok ones, but there is one that I done with my brother. Where a pcj jumps over heli with 360 while heli was in air, hehe. email me ts@ltdstudios.com Thank you
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