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  1. So i am making a dayz server and i need to know how you can make it so peopel can't create tents, wire fences, sand bags, safes in safe zone.
  2. ItsJustRonalds

    MTA Crashing

    So when i join A MTA DayZ server it takes some time to join and when i play for like 10 min its crashes with this dialog! Version = 1.5.2-release-7973.3.000 Time = Wed Apr 27 16:54:05 2016 Module = D:\MTA\proxy_sa.exe Code = 0xC0000005 Offset = 0x003C91CC EAX=16E0B5E8 EBX=16E0B5D8 ECX=0177FAA0 EDX=00170490 ESI=00000000 EDI=00000001 EBP=0177FC50 ESP=0177FA80 EIP=007C91CC FLG=00010202 CS=001B DS=0023 SS=0023 ES=0023 FS=003B GS=0000 please help!
  3. Looking for some one who plays MTA DayZ and isnt a bandit but likes to be a hero, teamwork, looting and knows to speak english in skype and ts3. P.S Im 14 years old!
  4. So i have a question! How to make that my dayz server is in tho languages and you can chose the language???
  5. What exectly i need to put and where???
  6. So i have a suggestion for one script. It would be a DayZ based, you could put item spawnpoints IG it would be like this. You would need to stand at the place where you whant the spawnpoint for loot be our you could type in coordinates, then you select the loot type like ,industrial , residental our military And so one! Another suggestion is so you can make Vehicle spawn in game too! So you don't need to go at you GM to make the cords the parts and so long. It pain in the ass! P.S if i would bean a decent LUA scripter i would already script it! Oh and if oyu script it pelase Release it to the comunity!
  7. So i have a base system where you need to type a password to tp to base but the password is visible but i whant to make it so when you type it it shows the black big dots!!!
  8. So i whant to make a moving camera for my dayz server when you join and the login panel shows but i dont know how to do it if some one could make a tutorial or a exemple that would be cool . Somthing like in old TOP-GTA like the camera moves from old airport begining to the end and so you can sē te maping and other people.
  9. So okey when i start the server in console it shows Error parsing config files But i dont understand why! I tryed to reinstall MTA and puted the GM in but it didn't work!!!
  10. So i have a question where can i find and edit mta dayz scorebord? In the [DayZ-MTA] Folder???
  11. So i got a dayz gamemode. But with it there is one problem. It dosnt show chat and you camt type anything. So i how to fix it?
  12. So i need help with this gamemode seting it up https://github.com/GTWCode/GTW-RPG I do it as the redem.txt says but i dont have no login panel, no job car spawners almost nothing! pelase help or myb its need to be like this! I whant to set up it to be like in this video-
  13. Hey can some one put in an automatic gates that open when you are near them for ACL group named OMEGA !!! please help
  14. Can you put some screenshots? Or send me the program?
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