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  1. Actually, he's right. The script provided in the first post DOES contain that function twice! But it's not the cause of the problems. Ehh I've just decided not to use Broph, thanks for the hell all.
  2. Darn, did not work. Ohh well I am too lazy to keep trying, will have to do without it I guess. lol.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzjNHq-X6P0
  4. Because I have no clue on how scripts work.
  5. I see. I didn't know that. I thought it was game mode as it handles mode specific tasks like spawning. When Freeroam is run, broph spawns you at a little cabin somewhere, there is a selection of pre-spawned cars people can roam in.
  6. I put anti alasing or whatever to the highest and then set my resolution to 1440x900 (which my screen is meant for) and now it's gone.
  7. Aye, dosen't seem to affect anything tho, so no big deal.
  8. I want the menu of the GUI, and the spawnpoint of the broph. If I can disable the chat in one, they can work with oneanother.
  9. Ohh okay, gotta wait for my host to take the server offline. Since I have to go to the dentist now then the movies, I wont be able to until tomorrow. But I will send you a PM when it's done to let you know if it worked. And thanks a bunch
  10. Valli

    Master Server acting up?

    Yeah I noticed that going into "recently played", joining an "offline" server, then leaving it and refreshing the main list made them re-appear. Must have been a glitch, my bad about the MS I assumed incorrectly.
  11. Hmm, it didn't work instantly. I will try a server restart. Here is what it looks like when I put in the code, just to double check it's correct.... cancelEvent()addEventHandler (onPlayerChat", root, broph_Chat )
  12. kk done, gonna log on the server and see if it worked, if not I'll try a restart. But ty for the quick help
  13. Don't see it there, I'll check the GUI file. Thanks for the quick response btw
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