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  1. I'll tell him to try them all. The one we tried already was version 1.0.2 EDIT: My friend used to be able to play DP 2.3 back in the day. EDIT2: He tried all those versions now - same problem.
  2. Hey. My friend is trying to get MTA working, however he seems to hit a wall every step on the way. We got the game installed, however when he tries to go in game, it gives him an error stating "Network module not compatible". I searched the web, searched these forums, read the wiki, asked if anyone knows a way around this issue on IRC - so far no luck. Wherever this error is mentioned, the solution always seems to be "reinstall MTA". We've tried that several times, we even manually removed the MTA directory. The operation system is XP Home edition, which sound unusual to me, but I doubt that
  3. Thanks for your quick answer. I was guessing that those lag issues are caused by the fact that MTA is keeping everything so syncronised -after all GTA:SA is a singleplayer game. Role-play servers could use a hundred player cap, at least I'd like to emphasize. If it could be stable enough around that number, it would get MTA a decent amount of players, since this genre is getting popular every day. It has been my biggest fear that the server won't support enough players for a decent role-play environment, hence I haven't started scripting anything just yet. By the way, is there any chance
  4. Hello. Experienced MTA fanatics, let me ask you - how many people do you reckon MTA can handle in one tight spot? I've experienced this sort of lag/fps drain on several occasions, even with smaller groups of people. Of course the effect is bigger for people with older computers. I remember three instants - 1) With ~ 15 people in an interior. 2) With ~ 40 people in a server. 3) With ~ 80 people in a server, during a beta test. A) Like already mentioned, how many people do you think MTA will handle in a server? Note that in a server, I mean a one, with a decent script with like ~ 20-40K
  5. Kind of the answer I was expecting. Beta stages or not, maybe you could look into the problem. Maybe I should of posted this on Mantis indeed. Sorry, we're closed. Come again!
  6. I searched the forums, but couldn't find anything of use. Version: MTA Nightly Build 1.0 - Revision 606. Well, yesterday Valhalla Gaming released its version 2.0 MTA script. Right after the release people started having issues with connecting to the server. I tried connecting for three hours, I got the "MTA client verification failed" every single time, except one - then I got the download error, just unlucky I guess. Anyway, its horrible how many problems can occur when connecting to a server. Does anybody know what causes this verification error or how to bypass it? Valhalla is trying t
  7. I'm pretty sure its the chatbox mate. We figured it out some time ago. In our server we have the chat functions in one resource. When the FPS gets unbearable, we simply restart the resource and everything is magically fixed. Must be something in the cache. If you think about it, it makes sense. You alone, in the server, barely use chat, server barely has to work on it. More people join, and the server has more job. It seems the system is really weak at that point. Hope it helps you.
  8. Rick Astley in GTA IV. Awesome!
  9. yush, that phone would be ideal for roleplay servers.
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