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  1. I think it can be hidden if you use DX functions, but not 100% sure. It did work for MTA version text on bottom right though.
  2. What exactly is your problem? Is it bodies being duplicated when dying from explsion? i remember that bug when i was working with my server. If so, you just need to specify that specific player is dead after he dies, and in code make sure it checks that if it's dead, it returns and does nothing. That's how i fixed it. something like this somewhere at top of "kilLDayZPlayer" event function if (getElementData(source,"isDead")) then return; end and make sure you add setAccountData(account, "isDead", true); setElementData(source, "isDead", true); somewhere at the end of cod
  3. @m3ssi hey, if you still need a web developer, send me a pm. I can do full stack if needed (Nodejs, Laravel, Vue)
  4. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetGameType
  5. I don't know, i find these types of posts very "weird" and you are already second one about this "pubg" stuff. It doesn't take much to create something like PUBG gamemode. I've done it under a week of development alone, of course it isn't full of features but you get it what i mean. Only what it takes is just some basic understanding of DX functions, that is if you want to have a decent look for your gamemode and the way you want to structure your gamemode, everything else is just basic stuff. It gets more complicated only if you want to create some nice looking character customizations, like
  6. You can just modify how items are stored in dayz. Like, adding an extra parameter for items which would be a table which could contain any custom value for that item (which would be that key number for your key in this case), this way you wouldn't need to add 200 same items for inventory. Or if cars are unique for each player, you can simplify this even further by saving that key number somewhere else and when player tries to open it with a key, it'd just use that stored number.
  7. тебе не надо шадэр, ты можешь использовать https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/DxCreateRenderTarget
  8. From first looks of what i saw in that video, map designing is terrible, shop ui is terrible as well. If you intend to make cs go in mta, it won't work out if you won't pay attention to details that cs go offers or seems like you just don't understand what cs go offers. There's huge balance in maps that cs go has, same for weapons. They are consistent, if you want to have somewhat similar experience you'll have to make weapons as consistent as cs go has which goes for nades, you can't have default nade system. You have to make your own. About the map, literally the most idiotic design eve
  9. Didn't know where to post this but thought that i might post it here as probably most of MTA community servers use IPB for their forum application. I recently made a real time chat application for IPB 4.x version that supports youtube, image embedding and few other discord-like features. It also has an option to enable sending/receiving messages from discord. If there will be some customers, i'll add more support for media embedding from other sites. Such as instagram, vimeo, etc. Currently it only supports youtube and any link that's a direct image (works with gifs too). It als
  10. @Expert. If you have a budget for it, i can create you a dayz gamemode from scratch. I have quite a lot of experience with DayZ. I myself were making some servers in past, and in fact only reason i even started playing MTA was because of the DayZ Mod. If you have any ideas for it, i can pretty much make it possible. Contact me on discord if you are interested. Discord: chocolate#9115
  11. I always when i'm making something related to a script that requires multiple people to test, i just test out all the sections of code, by executing every function separately that requires people to test, that way you can just give it any info you want for testing too. Sure takes a bit longer but it's probably best way to test out scripts to make sure they are working correctly when put together.
  12. This clearly states that you were okay with the pricing not that you "liked". So i'm not really sure what you're going on about that statement. How am i trying to blackmail you and also how am i suddenly trying to scam you that i even gave you files of what was discussed? Of course i'm gonna decide to release files after that you didn't want to pay me for the gamemode i sent you, you think i'm gonna just leave it privated for you to use? Like i can't know that you wouldn't go and try to resale this (theoretically). It's kind of stupid that you'd think i tried to scam you just be
  13. It really doesn't matter what you think it could be worth. We discussed ideas, he liked them and then he offered me a deal which i told him estimated pricing as he wasn't sure about it and he agreed on that. Price for that gamemode was part of the price that all the 3 gamemodes would be worth all together from my perspective and he didn't argue about the price with it and agreed. Which was 250 euros together for 3 gamemodes. Clearly you didn't read the whole conversation. It wasn't "upfront". He already had access to the files, how that makes upfront? Anyway, i don't really care a
  14. First off, i did not actually call you a scammer. I'm just pointing out that you could be. Because of what i experienced with you, don't take this personally. I didn't act aggressive, neither i intended to. I just was discussing stuff that actually was related to for me and you to make business deal. I wasn't contacting you to chit chat, so maybe that's why you think i might have been aggressive towards you but i did not intend to neither i did. I do admit that i did wrong a bit towards where i just offered price without actually hearing your side but we also discussed previously overall price
  15. made this like 2 years or so ago, i think this was my first gamemode i made or at least started making as it's not finished. I mainly only started making this to learn how to structure gamemodes better. For some reason i was basing it on accounts, idk why. So to make it run all you have to do is start terrortown first then login with any account and then start the map ttt_farm. You can make your own maps, all the spawn points are added through map itself. download: https://github.com/rivor/ttt-mta preview image
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