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  1. Fist


    Just make a login system on your own server with mysql and with that you can make user control panel on your web. Maybe you can find on forum already ready ucp for web and you can base your login system on that in your server.
  2. Fist

    Help - Fortnite

    I'm pretty sure there's a way to achieve this, but for that i think you should make a whole your own custom system for weapons/shooting unless you can make it with custom animations that recently was added.
  3. Fist

    getPointFromDistanceRotation with z ?

    yeah i already managed to do it. I just used wrong angle that's why i couldn't get it but thanks anyway!
  4. I can't figure out on how i can add z calculations for getPointFromDistanceRotation function from useful functions in wiki. Function is like this function getPointFromDistanceRotation(x, y, dist, angle) local a = math.rad(90-angle) local dx = math.cos(a)*dist local dy = math.sin(a)*dist return x+dx, y+dy; end but i need to add a z value as well, so it calculates how far z should go from original position to distance and angle. Anyone can help?
  5. Fist

    onPlayerCommand gets params?

    I don't understand what you mean. Can you describe better? If you mean how to get parameters from command when typing /command 1 2 3 4 and so on, you need to use event handler "addCommandHandler" and therefore you'll be able to get parameters for that specified command you want.
  6. Looks like glued :~ together
  7. Fist

    [HELP] Element data

    try this? local policeVehicles = { {597, 1531.6806640625, -1668.15234375, 13.3828125}, } local police = "Police" addEventHandler("onResourceStart",resourceRoot,function() for _, v in ipairs(policeVehicles) do local veh = createVehicle(v[1],v[2],v[3],v[4],0,0,v[5]) setElementData(veh,"carFaction",police) end end) function vh ( player, seat ) if seat == 0 then if getElementData(source,"carFaction") == police and getElementData(player,"Faction" ~= police then cancelEvent() outputChatBox ( "#ffff00your are not in police department faction", player,240,155,15,true) end end end addEventHandler ( "onVehicleStartEnter", root, vh )
  8. You can't compare programming to being Administrator or Moderator or any kind of that stuff from gaming community. That's literally whole new category of work. That literally takes almost 0 effort and time comparing to programming. That's why people do it for free, not asking anything else in return than other that status. By judging off of these requirements what you've put on. I can say with ease, that you trying to milk someone without anything in return. You basically ask someone to make a project for you without giving anything in return. As people said above, don't expect to find anyone.
  9. Fist

    [SHOW] First Person Weapons

    This is insane! You definitely should improve animations and models, but excluding that. This looks really well made. Good job! Hopefully you won't stop working on it and actually finish it, something like this can actually help a lot of new type gamemodes.
  10. Fist

    [FREE] PUBG Gamemode

    Thanks for reminding me! Maybe some will contribute to it as well.
  11. Fist

    [FREE] PUBG Gamemode

    Hello there folks! As maybe some of you might know that i created pubg gamemode like half a year ago and it pretty much didn't work out. So i sold it, and it apparently got leaked several times on brazilian forums, which is a bit of sad thing but it's all ok. Because of this situation i decided to release it from my side as well 'cause why not. As i believe here isn't any pubg related gamemode released, so i might be as well first. Right? Gamemode has language system as well, so you can add as many languages to server as you want. Alright, will stop talking. I'll add here few pictures of the gamemode which were taken right when i finished working on it. So those images are pretty old. p.s keep in mind, that this gamemode has few flaws but if you fix them and add few things to it. It can be really strong start for a really good damn server. So good luck to any of you who will put time into it! edit: forgot to put a link here it is:
  12. Fist

    [SELL] Fortnite building system

    I'm wondering how did you calculate that it sticks near to wall that's been placed.
  13. Fist

    Custom objects

    When does Editor 2.0 come out?
  14. Fist

    i need an mta developer and trusted person

    wikipedia is the best teacher, also supports many languages so if even you don't understand English good enough you can just use your national one, so... Don't be lazy, read and put time into it.