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  1. System Level / XP

    show full code or we can't help you.
  2. custom weapons

    createWeapon creates custom weapon which you can create so many cool things with (place weapon on car, on plane, make turrets out of and way more) but with giveWeapon just gives a weapon to specified player from GTA's weapon list.
  3. Faster trailer fix.

    You can, but not as much. You can't create new weapon for player (like default, only custom one). You can't change weapon slot, Also few other things.
  4. Import all files in meta

    It actually is weird, 'cause in ACL.XML you can do this, but weirdly not in resource's .xml
  5. Faster trailer fix.

    screw weapon sync, we need more customization of weapons.
  6. console command only

    Would be great if you could make that you can trigger certain type of commands that you add that are only triggerable with console (F8 or ~). I don't think it's that hard to add either, something like extra parameter for addCommandHandler that will make command only work on console. But i'm not sure or it's that necessary, but would be great none the less.
  7. Help! how to set two or more animations?

    there is specific function to change ped walking style with setPedWalkingStyle
  8. How to be part of mtateam

    Powers to ban yourself.
  9. I created this for my own needs, but i thought that i gonna share with this depending on how simple this script is, but yet very cool and useful. This command handler will even work with any kind of chat unless source is not a player. You can change command line which triggers commands in shared.lua file You can add your own commands like this (very simple) -- shared addCustomCommandHandler(string command, function handlerFunction) -- export shared exports.RESOURCENAME:addCustomCommandHandler(string command, function handlerFunction) -- client !clientcommands <-- pre-built command to view client commands -- server !servercommands <-- pre-built command to view server commands resource download: screenhot:

    If you need any font next time, i recommend you to google this > "Get font name from a image".
  11. Question regarding getElementByID

    Why not just to name every element with different names then?
  12. [SHOW] 3D GUI Library

    @Grozz, looks good.
  13. shooting while moving

    You still can add extra check variable like this function shootingWhileMoving() for i=23,34 do if (i ~= 28) then local wepid = i; for _,level in pairs({"poor", "std", "pro"}) do setWeaponProperty(wepid, level, "flag_move_and_aim", true) setWeaponProperty(wepid, level, "flag_move_and_shoot", true) end end end end but agreed, in this case would better just to use table.
  14. shooting while moving

    you used my example? Try this then function shootingWhileMoving() for i=23,34 do local wepid = i; for _,level in pairs({"poor", "std", "pro"}) do setWeaponProperty(wepid, level, "flag_move_and_aim", true) setWeaponProperty(wepid, level, "flag_move_and_shoot", true) end end end
  15. shooting while moving

    this is better way to write it, less code required. function shootingWhileMoving() for i=23,34 do for _,level in pairs({"poor", "std", "pro"}) do setWeaponProperty(i, level, "flag_move_and_aim", true) setWeaponProperty(i, level, "flag_move_and_shoot", true) end end end