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  1. So... You download my gamemode from somewhere or by someone who leaked it previously and by making play button uglier you call it your own pubg 2.0? Lol
  2. /block playername also you can unblock someone by writing same command. dude, if you can't understand what command that script is using then idk. There's no hope for you, just drop learning this, if you are trying to learn it. It certainly doesn't look like you are trying to learn anything if you can't understand what command under is that script.
  3. You will need to create your own chat handling, same for private messaging if you want to prevent that as well and then you can manage to do that type of stuff. edit: actually never mind. There's a chat event on client as well. You can use that to detect whose message is who and then cancel it if it's one of blocked players. This should do the trick local blocked_players = {} addEventHandler("onClientChatMessage",root,function() if (blocked_players[source]) then cancelEvent() outputChatBox(getPlayerName(source).." wrote something in chat, but you blocked him.") end end) addCommandHandler("block",function(cmd,plyname) local target = getPlayerFromName(plyname) if (plyname and target) then if (not blocked_players[target]) then blocked_players[target] = true; outputChatBox("player"..plyname.." blocked!") else blocked_players[target] = nil; outputChatBox("player"..plyname.." unblocked!") end else outputChatBox("player not found") end end)
  4. Should be working, make sure this script is running on server side and als make sure in meta.xml file there's actually code of line that uses that file as server side script.
  5. Fist

    FOV + or create your own Camera system using but this gonna be way complicated to do but allows for future extendibility.
  6. Unfairly? You are just low enough not to think about having a decent price on your product. There's even selling games 5 times cheaper that are thousand times better and has put thousand times more work in it than your dead gamemode type on mta.
  7. It's kinda lame that you sell this for many people for such high price. At least if you'd sell it to variety of people then price should've been lower than what you asked for.
  8. Send me pm of your number, i'll message you. Only what here looks like of a scam is you and your senseless accusations of someone trying to scam. You should be ashamed of yourself, 'cause you got 0 brain cells.
  9. You put wrong number. Do you have discord? If so, give me. I can add you there. @F5AMH-
  10. This looks really nice so far. Good job! Design on most part is really well as well only on few things it isn't as good as for example dropdown box. Dropdown box is designed really nicely. I'd recommend to make faster animations for Switch and Radioboxes and Switch color when turned on should be blue as the buttons to keep same theme otherwise it's just completely different. Same for editbox, that line which is animated. It doesn't appeal as much if it's that slow. Checkbox design needs to be redesigned completely, it just doesn't fit this theme. About gridlist, complete black background just doesn't work with this, needs to be recolored, design for it looks nice. Scrollbars are really nice too and buttons as well. Also about edit box, you need to add a background for it so it's not transparent. Otherwise it's kind hard to notice the edit box but i like the idea for design. Good job!
  11. Fist

    Map loading

    Your streamer doesn't change that much, still pretty much same thing.
  12. For 2018 design looks horrible neither anything really has been changed. Same concept, same style just a tight bit different. Not a "renew" but a bad copy.
  13. You need to use setPedAnimation on server side not on client, that's why only you see doing it.
  14. I just told you 2 ways that you can achieve this with. Custom animations (not 100% sure but can be possible i think) or making your own weapon and/or shooting system.
  15. Fist


    Just make a login system on your own server with mysql and with that you can make user control panel on your web. Maybe you can find on forum already ready ucp for web and you can base your login system on that in your server.