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  1. something to protect my resources for sale

    The real question here is, is it worth at all trying to secure it that highly? To make such API is matter of 5 to 10 minutes but what's point? Lua, is such an easy language, especially in MTA. There's not much effort needed to make anything really, just lots of research if you are new. For experienced player it's just matter of the mood, at least for me. Other question is, why you want to make such security for a resource? If you sell it, then give buyer full uncompiled version, unless price is really, really low. Like 1$. But if it's quite expensive, buyer deserves a source code.
  2. i can sell you full pubg gamemode which has all needed features to function correctly, including this hud too. PM me for more info or add me on skype reals12.
  3. Help with custom chat commands

    I made a while ago custom command handler for normal chat, but you can easily remake it for your chat.
  4. as the title says, i'm selling some dayz scripts and even gamemode, also i can sell PUBG gamemode which works perfectly with no bugs and clean code. Also i offer requests, which means i can make a script what you wanted for money of course. You can add me on skype reals12
  5. [2017] A Year in Recap and Season Greetings

    lol they added an edited version of DayZ to PUBG gm into 2017 recap topic. LoL
  6. i recommend to anyone who wants to help, not to help. Due that almost everyone who has dayz 0.6 has a leaked version not a bought version plus on original gamemode there isn't even such function "playerGetDamageDayZ" so it's definetly leaked one that he has.
  7. "If you find any bugs or anything like that due that this is a gamemode made from 0, you can contact me here about it, i'm the creator of it."
  8. Hello, i'm Fist from this forum, recently i started working on a new gamemode for MTA, called PUBG, some of you may know it from original game which of course is PUBG. Today i finally decided to open my server. Our community is unfortunately only in Latvian on the webpage, but the server is going to be fully international, this means anyone from any language is welcome here to play. Here's going to be some shots from the server. Server is in other languages too, not only in Latvian, theese pictures were taken 2 days ago for an ad in our homepage for Latvians, i just didn't want to take new ones on English language. TIP: You can split items by holding left ctrl while moving items with drag&drop. If you find any bugs or anything like that due that this is a gamemode made from 0, you can contact me here about it, i'm the creator of it. Here's finally an ip you can connect to IP:
  9. parachute resource bug

    nevermind, problem solved.
  10. parachute resource bug

    so, i have here a bug with parachute resource. After player lands to ground his rotation for other players is incorrect. It stays in 1 rotation to no matter what.
  11. onClientMouseEnter : bad triggering

    i recommend you using dx fully for really almost every ui, it just runs so much faster than an actual gui. Maybe it's a bit slower to make if u do it without any libs, but it's definetly worth it if you know how to style with it.
  12. Santa Hat [BUGS]

    with triggerClientEvent and triggerServerEvent on other way around, but i recommend you just setting hat model to an element data so it's easier for you to make it. Element datas are synced between server and client on change, from both sides.
  13. [ADVICE] Is this bad or it's ok?

    or just use "onPlayerLogin"
  14. Santa Hat [BUGS]

    there is no way doing it through server, and you don't want that either, because if you would hide hat through server when player aims then everyone would see it disappear from his head when he aims with sniper rifle. What you want to do is trigger a custom event on client which sends model to client and stores it into a variable when hat is created for that player and when is removed hat then send again to client that hat was removed so it doesn't throw warnings out also there's an easier version, just set player data "santahat" the model of hat, then check if weapon is aiming with getPedTask() on onClientRender event so it's instantenous and if player is aiming set models alpha to 0 like @aka Blue said or just set element position to 0,0,0, boneattach later will reposition to bone when play won't aim anymore. Also don't forget to remove hat when player disconnects or gets banned, otherwise it's gonna stay in air.
  15. reverse mathetical value

    nevermind i solved this issue, if anyone else wonders how to do it, here's how. iprint((orginalDist-currentDist)/orginalDist)