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  1. block explosions through walls?

    i'm sure, it didn't work if you cancel it afer you check line of sight. Syncing seems fine with blowVehicle on client side, i even reconnected and vehicle stayed destroyed.
  2. block explosions through walls?

    i actually found better way doing this. addEventHandler("onClientVehicleDamage",root,function(attacker,wep,loss,x,y,z,tyreid) if (wep == 63 or wep == 51 or wep == 19) then cancelEvent(); local aX,aY,aZ = getElementPosition(attacker); local tX,tY,tZ = getElementPosition(source); iprint(isLineOfSightClear(tX,tY,tZ,aX,aY,aZ,true,false,false,true),aX,aY,aZ,tX,tY,tZ) if isLineOfSightClear(tX,tY,tZ,aX,aY,aZ,true,false,false,true) then blowVehicle(source,true); end end end); had to cancel event first though, otherwise it's already too late to cancel it after you checked if line of sight is clear.
  3. block explosions through walls?

    addEventHandler("onClientExplosion",root,function(x,y,z,type) if getElementType(source) == "vehicle" or getElementType(source) == "player" or getElementType(source) == "ped" then local tX,tY,tZ = getElementPosition(source); if not isLineOfSightClear(x,y,z,tX,tY,tZ,true,false,false,true) then cancelEvent(); end end end); funny is that when it cancels it, it just deletes grenade or explosion before it explodes but when someone else is near that is in sight it still explodes and even those that are not in sight but are near explosion still explodes.
  4. block explosions through walls?

    ok that makes sense.
  5. Is there a way to block a grenade or any other explosion on other side of the wall if it's near to blow/damage anything besides the wall? I saw it a long time ago on 1 server, but never realized how i can make it nor i can find anything on forums about this.
  6. you've seen passwordHash and passwordVerify in work? You can check wiki's example.
  7. There's no point using it, in order to work, you have to save hash to their account in order to verify it later on which means if someone gets a copy of your database, he'll know every passwords hash key to unhash it. Better is to make your own which requires custom functions in order to unhash it, not mta's built-in which can do anyone with no scripting knowledge.
  8. cancelEvent then fire with weapon

    there's no need for that type of script, just disable control "action". Not sure if it's being used by other things but i just disable it when weapon is aiming but you can just put it in any client script and it'll work. toggleControl("action",false);
  9. problem with setWorldSoundEnabled

    it is, i tested like 4 different type of vehicles and engine sounds were gone driving, so i', pretty sure rest of them are too. but whatever, i'll just leave original sound and put new one over it, sounds bit ugly but what can you do if mta lacks of few things.
  10. problem with setWorldSoundEnabled

    yep, it does look like only solution. Sad thing is that i can't find that many engine sounds for each vehicle type.
  11. problem with setWorldSoundEnabled

    yeah forgot to mention that. You can actually tell that if there's an original sound playing from heli while new sound is playing over. So that's why i want to remove it otherwise if it wouldn't be that noticable i wouldn't care then.
  12. problem with setWorldSoundEnabled

    but still if someone flies pass you with heli, you'll hear engine sounds from it.
  13. problem with setWorldSoundEnabled

    what? Did you even read topic and comments?
  14. problem with setWorldSoundEnabled

    anyone else with any ideas ?
  15. problem with setWorldSoundEnabled

    i did that, i found which group and index needs to be turned off through showSound command in console and it gave me 40 0 but that group and index is for every vehicle for engine.