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  1. Nothing really, i just have scroll pane with images in it and if i move it little bit from bottom to top it resets instantly to the top and it's so frustrating. Here's scrolling code what i use. addEventHandler("onClientMouseWheel",GUIEditor.scrollpane[1],function(up_down) if (up_down == 1) then guiScrollPaneSetVerticalScrollPosition(GUIEditor.scrollpane[1],guiScrollPaneGetVerticalScrollPosition(GUIEditor.scrollpane[1])-4) elseif (up_down == -1) then guiScrollPaneSetVerticalScrollPosition(GUIEditor.scrollpane[1],guiScrollPaneGetVerticalScrollPosition(GUIEditor.scrollpane[1])+4) end end); Could it be this fault? But i read somewhere that it was MTA's fault in bug reports at wiki.
  2. why when you scroll scrollbar in scrollpane to up from bottom it resets back to up even if you moved it a little bit, it's almost same when you scroll down aswell. Any fix for this?
  3. bycash

    What was the point writing this topic in english if that panel itself is not in english language? Also i wouldn't tell that is an admin panel, something like moderator panel would be more precise word to call your resource. It's just not enough functional for to call it as Admin Panel.
  4. yep that's what i thought at start, but then i had to remake all that refreshing system for new and i did it but it was worth it and now all works so perfect without any lag. (problem solved) btw by any chance do you know why scrollpane scrollbars reset to 0 when you scroll them up and almost same thing when you scroll down?
  5. images are small size, around 150x70 some even smaller but i have them like 50 loading at same time
  6. just found out that it actually (destroyElement) didn't make any lag but the images that are being loaded when they are too much. Is there a way to avoid lag when making quite alot staticimages?
  7. as i said before, i'm doing that 'cause i need to refresh them each time player reopens window. But the problem with that is that it makes client lag a bit if there's too many gui elements.
  8. That First one is nice, thanks. (btw that second one is really easy to make there's literarly 1 function which does that setTrafficLightState)
  9. Well if it doesn't work and it's not written in wiki that it should then why you are here making this topic? Just make width/height of labels relative and just fix them 1 by 1 until you like the results.
  10. Each time someone re-opens that window i destroy old guis with destroyElement() and create them for new to refresh 'cause im using staticImages and i need them update each time they re-open that window but if they have too much staticImages then it causes lag for 1 second, is there anyway to fix it? p.s guiStaticImageLoadImage is not the way i can do that, it won't work for me.
  11. This actually is very nice, thanks mate for linking it.
  12. Could you give me any example or a tip that would make life easier? 'cause i have only used shaders once when i made crosshair customazation.
  13. is it possible to remove any type of lighting from map? (except sun's lighting) Would be even better if it's possible without any shaders which makes it easier to do. I want to do this 'cause at night time cities look really weird like they are brighter than actual night's atmosphere and i don't like it.
  14. Can anyone tell me how to detect players resolution and if it's 800x600 or lower then it kicks them? Edit: nvm you can do it by just using guiGetScreenSize i thought it was harder. ;d