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  1. Sobeit...didn't you used to be a member of a clan called MNK (Modding N00b Killers)?
  2. Mb = Megabit MB = Megabyte Mb = measure of connection speed MB = file size
  3. That was not on an official server. It was an unofficial one.
  4. So? That was on a server designed for cheating. You should not have been there if you didn't expect cheating. If you read their message of the day you would have known.
  5. Twister, I only use modded cars on the ttM stunt server which allows it. If you didn't want to play with cheaters you should not have been on the ttM stunt server.
  6. You don't seem to know what you are talking about. 100 Mb is over 2X faster than T3... 1 Gb is like an OC- connection. No one has these connections hardly. There's no point to two different clients, typical broadband such as cable, DSL, etc. can handle more than 26 players. Dial-up users should just not play on larger servers.
  7. Twister, you are a newbie. I was not cheating. I don't like being accused of being a cheater. You were probably lagging. Maybe you just suck. You appear to be new.
  8. 1) Windows XP Home 2) No. 3) C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\ 4) C:\Program Files\MTA 5) Yes. 6) No o_O 7) 1.0 Yes. 9) Of course.
  9. How about making this optional for admins to enable or disable when they start their server?
  10. Heh. Yeah, even I'm guilty of cheating before in 0.1. Using LithJoe's jetpac and flying to the roof and shooting all the skins was fun
  11. I know... my game is always crashing! It's a pain in the ass to have to hit F10 every time I restart.
  12. I am a silly smurf and have now read the licnece agreement and all the posts relating to modding and why it should not be done to mta. I accept it fully and shall book myself into a correctional insitution forthwith for a frontal lobotomy and lessons in good forum behaviour. (not edited in any way shape or form by MrBump, honest)
  13. Yes, the guy who posted the "VCPD Ideas..." topic must have been a newbie, since there is no chance of that EVER happening. This is a more... sensible suggestion. This suggestion, however, is a possibility.
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