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  1. No it isn't in MTA 0.2 and the mod is just a deathmatch. You join the game and kill whoever although there are teams most n00bs don't care.
  2. Whoooooooooo thanks Jack! Finally got in with no prob.
  3. http://forum.mtavc.com/viewtopic.php?t=3805
  4. And can't you fucking read moron? I said I wasn't bitching just asking if anyone else was having this problem or if it was just me.
  5. I like getting 4 people in a chopper going over the ocean and just bailing out. Fun stuff.
  6. I'm not bitching but is anyone else's textures taking for ever to load in mta0.2 had a game tonight and the other 2 people that were playing had the same prob. Anyone else getting this prob too?
  7. Doh! Same here the best chopper to fly.
  8. Is the sparrow in 0.2 it's not it's old place just wondering if you guys kept it in for 0.2
  9. We had a private server today with 6 people and no one using cheats (we made the private server cause all the crashes) yet we crashed a few times. I guess sometimes it just happens for whatever reasons.
  10. I found it by accident was doing the jump near the hospital and landed in the secret spot tried several more times to get in but couldn't it's very tricky. I found it but accident... literally
  11. Ahhh I'll have to try it that way then.
  12. Still cant get it grrr! I go up to the back and press home but my guy just stands there.
  13. OK well every big server tends crash to much, most likely to much strain so if anyone here wants to play in a private server hit me up on AIM "i g0d yes" for the IP and password.
  14. overworked servers? Yeah right, no matter what server i connect always crash or timeout. The mta team said that it will be less crashes in 0.2 version! MTA 0.2 SUCKS! If it sucks don't use it bottom line, they (the MTA team) doesn't have to do this for us but they do. Show a little bit of respect for what they have achieved... something I'm sure you could never do.
  15. Yes I would like to thank the MTA team also for their long hours of work on this. I found out that big servers tend to crash more, what we did is make a private server for 10 people but only had 6 play and the crashes were far less than a pub server. Thanks MTA for an awesome mod - g0d
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