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  1. k i am having some problems with my pc so I still wasn't able to put the article online.I 'll do my best but now I have to study some more.
  2. Yes the cd was free and yes i will scan it.Tommorow you guys shall have it(i don't have scanner so I'll ask a friend)
  3. Well hi guys.This morning I bought the gamemagazine PC Gameplay(it is a Belgian magazine) and what do you think i saw?Yes I saw MTA:VC in it.As far as i know this is quiet nice To me this means that you guys belong to the top of the modmakers. Once i have time I will translate the article and put it here so you guys can read the good comments about your mod.The magazine even published your mod on there cd.So if there is still anyone who isn't convinced read it(when i translated it ) GOOD JOB guys keep preform such a great stunt Greetz
  4. btw can someone give an ip of a server who runs o.2.2 cause i can't find one on ASE, it are always 0.2 servers
  5. i am not that dumb does anyone knows where to get an install file of ASE that can connect to their server????
  6. Hi all.I have a problem with the stunt version of MTA.I installed it and if i try to run it it says "a problem accured while trying to connect" I tryed to search a server wit ASE but i couldn't download ASE(it said i couldn't connect to the ASE server)then i tried to uninstall VC and reinstall it then uninstall MTA and reinstall it but still the same problem.Can someone help me plz.I really want to play the stunt version. PS:is it thrue that MTA:VC 0.2.2 has more uhandeld exeptions than 0.2???
  7. 1ste_minion


    What ya mean with this.I downloaded the Mod manager from the site u gave but still it isn't working plz HELP
  8. CAn anyone help me wit my pproblem, everytime that i start my mod manager i can't get to the downloadtab.When i click on it nothing happens, but all the other buttons work.plz help.I am dying to play some mods
  9. Ow yeah i was the first one who knew what you where trying to do. In belgium we call this "een dikke nek hebbe"(if anyone can translate this plz do it)and i don't like people who think that they are "it". So try and foul another foul you foul
  10. probably not but with the new version you can't install mods and play online i want a file for playing online adn one for playing offline nut it just won't work
  11. did ya had a online and offline version of VC??? I mean did ya had 2 times installed it???
  12. looks nice nice bike btw but do you play also online???
  13. lol chaoswolf i believe ya i really have to see that myself
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