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  1. better select any moderator for this URDU section fast....which is skilled, mature, and good enough to handle this job ! it's a request to do it as fast as possible. (yaar, mta team moderator bana hi nhi rahi )
  2. i dont think it's somehow related to paypal or not....
  3. urdu parhna bore hota hai.....it takes 12413513 minutes to read 1 sentence !
  4. actually didn't understood anything ! btw, what about the servers we're upto create ?
  5. server host ki problem choro....leave it on me....i just want different and new gamemodes !
  6. scripting ho gae gi....we have alot of pakistani team scripters !
  7. i think....first we need to make some servers for pakistani players ! i have alot of ideas of some gamemodes.................just need someone to help me !
  8. well actually , tried to read all of that but didn't understood some of the words but doesn't matter.... good work anyways.... + @Bilal135 it's not nessesscary that he translated it from google...
  9. better to put a gamemode which is different from others..... i always use to have different ideas....but all i need is time and a well-trained scripter with me , who's gonna help me in scripting.... add my skype : saim.zia26 for more info !
  10. Same prob with meh... i am not able to download it now maybe he should give us another link to download this ...
  11. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Se ... axDistance
  12. anubhav, you can just understand urdu language when it's written in english [example] "kia haal hai" but you can't understand urdu language when it's written in urdu format... so it's better if global moderators elect pakistani nominators...
  13. e questa la sua problema mi sa....ha voglia di server.lua
  14. +1 i don't think it's a better idea to create another website/forum when we already have 1...
  15. .....dai, che se ne frega.... non cambia niente se anch'io diventero moderator
  16. i think only whole skin have id...objects don't have id type of stuff
  17. replace the .png file from the hud.txd file.... the simplest way
  18. excuse me global moderators....can you please nominate some of the pakistani people/players for moder of URDU board , or i'll do it for ya ?
  19. i know what you wanna say... add me on skype : saim.zia26 , i'll talk to you about this personally !
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