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  1. Intro: By writing this tutorial current version is CentOS is # - for root $ - for normal user none for "doesn't matter which one you're using" but I'd rather prefer to don't change between users. You can check it with issuing for own system: # cat /etc/redhat-release and update with # yum check-update # yum distribution-synchronization Dependencies: Before we begin install dependencies: # yum install compat-readline5 compat readline5.i686 glibc if you face problems with missing packages just use this: # yum provides <librarynam
  2. Ok I'm using the free VPS provided by VPS.me. There's dedicated ipv6 that's not supported by MTA and shared ipv4 that need port forwarding to be done so I set it up like this Port name: Shared IP: Source Port: Destination Port: Protocol: 1. mtaserv 31.220.x.x 21113 22003 UDP 2. mtaase 31.220.x.x 21239 22126 UDP 3. mtaweb 31.220.x.x 21115 22005 TCP and connecting to my server using ipv4:21113 is stuck downloading files 0 b of 1,83mb but playable, can't get to U
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