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  1. A tip when creating stairs collisions on GTA: Don't follow the model's steps and don't apply a collision on every step. You'll have a bad effect when walking on them. Create a single col surface and apply it as a ramp, you'll have a smoother effect, less FPS drops (complex collisions cause FPS drops) and less kb to download Other than this, epic work, really good job
  2. Installed/updated everything you said.
  3. viewtopic.php?f=104&t=71123 Ciao raga vi scrivo xk non riesco a sentire un cavolo di stream. Ho postato tutto in quel topic ma nessuno mi ha aiutato. Sapete da cosa possa essere causato?
  4. Anyone has ever experienced this? Every single stream ingame outputs this debug in console, it's client sided since players near me can hear the same stream and for them everything is fine. Further info: I already re-installed both GTA(tried with GTASA 1.00 and 1.01/2.00) and MTA(installed the latest nightly). Thanks in advance, EDIT: MTAdiag pastebin