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  1. yes yes pls join very gud srvr Seriously though, the second opening of the server is by far the best. The server is going great right now, we just need the playerbase to entice the roleplay. Register at, and complete the server application, then join the server IP below. Simple enough! mtasa://
  2. Hey there, I've recently opened a faction called the Quincy Avenue Kriminals XVII on a strict-roleplay server called OwlGaming. I'm in need of roleplayers who are heavily experienced in Hispanic-American roleplay - and are also fluent in the English language. What is the faction about? The faction is a youthful streetgang based in Las Colinas. We're predominantly Hispanic-American individuals. We roleplay as fourth-generation hispanics - meaning very little Spanish vocabulary is used in our speech. We participate in criminal activities such as robbery, murder, rape, etc. but also participate in 'hood roleplay'; ie. playing basketball, streetbrawls, tagging, etc. Is it official? No - which is why I need experienced & dedicated roleplayers to assist me in creating the (almost) perfect roleplay experience. Any other details? You will not be pushed aside for poor roleplay skills - although basic knowledge is required & you must be willing to learn. We require your character to roleplay around the ages of 12-16 for development purposes. If you'd like to affiliate with this faction, take a look at this thread, or PM me here. if you need more information, feel free to reply with questions.
  3. I don't have the permission to full write out an advertisement for the server, and so I posted it here because its a user-made video. However, I will post an advertisement thread if I'm able too.
  4. Yes, AceMTA has made it's return after a long awaited year. Come visit us, links are in the description of the Youtube video. I'd like to mention that the video was not created by me. But I have permission to share it. We, at AceMTA, are a roleplay server based in the Los Santos area. We will take action against those who act as if they're in and RPG server.
  5. If you could provide us with more information as to where you would like these -roleplayers- to go, whether you prefer to have their character develop into the crime life or so forth, that'd be great. I am interested.
  6. If you need any extra admins, feel free to drop me a PM at some point. Besides that, good luck.