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  1. so it requires coding manually again..
  2. Is there an easy way to remove them from the map without coding it in .map file manually? I need to delete pretty much amount of plant and unselectable objects from the map like fences, plants, some trees etc.
  3. I replaced some txd files in GTA:SA folder but no changes were saved for MTA. Why i can't use custom textures in MTA?
  4. The issue looks like fixed, althought i am still having drops like for a minute in every hour but it doesn't bother me too much. @Dutchman101 @ccw Thank you for helping, i really appreciate that you spent your time on my case. @Heibara atleast you tried ** lenny face **.
  5. I am not experienced as you are at all. What exactly non-OEM drivers are? And yeah i have a driver updating program, i updated all drivers. It would be good if you detail what should i do in a language i can understand, thanks for your try of helping btw. Are you sure there is such option like "Options"? I couldn't find it.
  6. I updated all drivers already and it increased FPS a little more. But still not the solution. New diag.
  7. @ccw Here is the information, i sent it already.
  8. Actually, this looks like working. I am not having FPS drops anymore since a while. Keep this topic often, i will inform you guys in 1 week if it works. I appreciate it dude. @ccw Thanks for your big effort too, it's important to me.
  9. there.
  10. You got point, but i have zero issue in map editor or in empty servers. I don't think it's about that mate. I did it. Only section with problem was vehicles. When the benchmark spawned vehicles, FPS decreased to 70-80. I was also thinking about that could be the issue. Results: , thanks for paying attention.
  11. @ccw Nah, misunderstanding. It did not fix anything.
  12. It raises up to 30-35 now, not the full solution at all but thanks for the effort. I was always getting 50-60 with full settings, may it be computer wise problem?
  13. @ccw I need you pal, this game is unenjoyable with this issue.