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  1. Receive a very special greeting from a member of your community, although my account here is relatively recent I tell you that I have been in this game for about 10 years. I am known as Keselowski on the busiest race servers such as ffs or the already closed tg, I am Latin American (Colombian to be exact) and I am 23 years old. Next I would like to tell you a little about a server that some old friends recently opened and a project to which I proudly belong. The first thing will be to show you a little with images what our server is and what it looks like. I am not going to comment on the images, because my intention is for you to be the observers and give your opinion, I believe that a community improves according to the opinions of its members. Media If you have a streak of 5 days entering our server, you will have a total amount of 25k of money in the game (that is, 5k per day). This extra that I'm going to show you is very curious and fun, because you can modify your infernus at your whim, we offer different customization options for it. (Also only donors have access to neon lights). About 300 skins. All color ranges. Luxury wheels with the best textures. Note: It should be clarified that many if not most servers offer you the same, but of course we want to improve like everyone else and we want to offer you new things, however we are just starting and it is only that we are offered an opportunity. I do not come to offer competition, I only come to let you know a little and dare to support us, after all that is what a community does. Last but not least I am going to leave you the details of the server and how to contact us. Forum: http://doa-fam.com Discord Here. Server IP: mtasa:// Note: It should be clarified that in the title I put that it is in English, this one by universal language, but everyone is invited. If I am breaking any rules, please let me know to edit the topic.
  2. Receive a warm greeting, how much do you charge for creating scripts? A Race [DM] server will open and we need a scripter, what is your price?

    For example, I would need:
    - Userpanel
    - Login Panel
    - Toptimes set
    - etc.

  3. Receive a cordial greeting, I am a player in the race (DM) game mode, I usually attend a large majority of servers with fame like FFS for example. I am writing to you because I am currently with some old players close to reopening a server on the platform (Team-NeO), but for that we need a very good scripter, you have a contact or friend who knows the subject and who wants to join our team to launch the server? Any concerns or interested write me. Again I appreciate your attention. Discord: Keselowski#4824
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