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  1. Ratez

    first day of snow

    new zealand had hail stones last week, but here in malaysia...... sucks soo bad
  2. Ratez

    Australia Rep Team

    hmm trying to organise match against UK
  3. thanks, im in malaysia now, the air is soo freaking dirty that im coughing bad. oh and my bday is today
  4. Malaysia, yea we have net but i dont think i will play mta there
  5. last 1 had this in ozforce server, some peeps wont let us go lol so we changed to swiftgames server
  6. kinda turned into a fight and they can't park their cars properly
  7. We were all in suits and stuff, it was a fun night
  8. Ratez

    Australia Rep Team

    can you atleast start talking to me? thanks, Ratez
  9. Ratez

    Australia Rep Team

    I will be going back to Malaysia tomorrow (Monday, 6th December). I will however still be organising the matches but I will NOT be in the matches. Out, Ratez (Co-Leader of AU.)
  10. Ratez

    Australia Rep Team

    rep as in representz lol
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