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  1. Oh shit! I forgot i've had this good feedback < - - - T H A N K Y O U ! ! ! - - ->
  2. I've been away just for a while and so much has happened
  3. Thats great. But its possible to edit a video too you know.
  4. just found some stunt clips from my computer and desided to create a little vid Video doesnt contain anything unique Get it from [ http://www.jeve.net/vice/sss.wmv ] [ 12105kt ] andyroosooosroorft (what ever).. if you please could host this 1 2 for me -thx
  5. of course im fast you cant survive if youre slow
  6. My video is called "old timers".. the official name is Old Time Vc Stunt Movie lol what ever.. old timers is great..
  7. Created a new stunt-video and tried to pick up a theme that no1 has used yet. Hope you like it. No mods, no cheats and no viagra used in this movie. Download it (if someone knows the url tell me too) (12.6mb) Someone please host that for me -Jeve
  8. Really cool thing... I was suprised to see my movies there thanks alot.
  9. Nice movie but has some bugs though Didnt also like the music but great editing and great stunts! I love the grinds! i gave 3/5
  10. Yup.. casual stunts.. some of them were cool.. i like the rolling rolling-things 6/10
  11. Just try jumping from different places and spinning degrees.. you will learn i cant teach you here how to make a video but thanks and good luck
  12. Its a minimovie coz im lazy to collect stunts Get it from http://jeve.net/vice/hey_we_are_flying_4.wmv
  13. Yeah! Great video! Hey We Are Flying 4 is ready soon
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