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  1. nevermind, it's solved
  2. Hello I'm making a dm-race map and I've changed a few things in the effects.fxp file(replaced the particle and the size of the nitro). It works fine for me, but I want to attach it to the map as a script. I didn't find any function which would replace the .fxp file, so my question: is it possible?
  3. Hello I've started this map 4 years ago but only finished it in these months. It's based on Journey which is only playable on ps3/ps4 yet, but Epic Games will bring it to PC soon. I tried to create the atmosphere that the original game has, though it could be much better but I didn't use any custom modell or mods. Special thanks to: rayhassiutokepesJackob - for editing this video for meHazy - for recording the mapnGear - for making scripts for me 4 years agoKrzysztof - for making scriptsBriaN - for helping in the track at a few partsRizom - for advicesKuTya - for trying to record my map although I didn't use his video Download link: http://www.solidfiles.com/v/jX7gQv5R82YdB
  4. hello this is a trailer for my upcoming [DM] volume, it's based on a game called Journey thank you for the trailer Jackob
  5. Jackob, CsenaHUN, KuTya, CsaWee, Gr0x and Dealy!
  6. i didn't, but the loading still slow if i use more than 250-300 obj
  7. As i said i just making a dm-race map, and almost every part of it has a very detailed decoration. It looks ugly at some place because of the slow loading, but if i would able to use 50 more object than now, it would be perfect.
  8. "I used a script to do it then converted that script into a map file" What? It seems you didn't get what i said.. for an example, i'm making a dm-race map, which is have a very detailed decoration. If you put 5000 object in the same place, you won't see anything and the track won't be loaded, you will fall down. As i said my pc is good and i don't have any lag. Also my internet is fine.
  9. It's okay if you can use 2000 object in a big area, but i meant to a small place(100-150m rad). If i would able to use a bit more object without loading problems, that's could be great as well. By the way, I don't have any lag, and my pc is good in my opinion. My RAM is only 2GB, but i don't think so that's the problem, because everyone else have the same thing.
  10. read my post again if your map would has 5000 object on a small place, you couldn't see anything.
  11. Hello! I'm making maps a very long time ago, and i always had a problem with the object loading. When i used mta race, I couldn't use more than 250 objects, because if i did, it was invisible. It's not invisible now, but if I use more than 250 object on the same place, the loading will be very slow. So my suggestion/request: please increase this limit!