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  1. Hello! I'm here to show you my feat with BriaN, this is a dm map based on the game ABZU. Our goal was to create an atmosphere like in that game, or atleast something similar to it.
  2. Hello I'm looking for someone who could help me with shaders. You may know the downloadable snow shader script from the community site(https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=3361). I need something like that, but with a different fx file i have. I want a shader which has got an underwater effect, like this I have the fx file for this effect, but it didn't work when i replaced with the fx files that the snowshader includes. When I did that, the screen got black as I started the script. So probably it needs a deeper modify in it. Coul
  3. Hello I'm making a dm-race map and I've changed a few things in the effects.fxp file(replaced the particle and the size of the nitro). It works fine for me, but I want to attach it to the map as a script. I didn't find any function which would replace the .fxp file, so my question: is it possible?
  4. Hello I've started this map 4 years ago but only finished it in these months. It's based on Journey which is only playable on ps3/ps4 yet, but Epic Games will bring it to PC soon. I tried to create the atmosphere that the original game has, though it could be much better but I didn't use any custom modell or mods. Special thanks to: rayhassiutokepesJackob - for editing this video for meHazy - for recording the mapnGear - for making scripts for me 4 years agoKrzysztof - for making scriptsBriaN - for helping in the track at a few partsRizom - for advicesKuTya - for trying to record my
  5. hello this is a trailer for my upcoming [DM] volume, it's based on a game called Journey thank you for the trailer Jackob
  6. Jackob, CsenaHUN, KuTya, CsaWee, Gr0x and Dealy!
  7. i didn't, but the loading still slow if i use more than 250-300 obj
  8. As i said i just making a dm-race map, and almost every part of it has a very detailed decoration. It looks ugly at some place because of the slow loading, but if i would able to use 50 more object than now, it would be perfect.
  9. "I used a script to do it then converted that script into a map file" What? It seems you didn't get what i said.. for an example, i'm making a dm-race map, which is have a very detailed decoration. If you put 5000 object in the same place, you won't see anything and the track won't be loaded, you will fall down. As i said my pc is good and i don't have any lag. Also my internet is fine.
  10. It's okay if you can use 2000 object in a big area, but i meant to a small place(100-150m rad). If i would able to use a bit more object without loading problems, that's could be great as well. By the way, I don't have any lag, and my pc is good in my opinion. My RAM is only 2GB, but i don't think so that's the problem, because everyone else have the same thing.
  11. read my post again if your map would has 5000 object on a small place, you couldn't see anything.
  12. Hello! I'm making maps a very long time ago, and i always had a problem with the object loading. When i used mta race, I couldn't use more than 250 objects, because if i did, it was invisible. It's not invisible now, but if I use more than 250 object on the same place, the loading will be very slow. So my suggestion/request: please increase this limit!
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