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  1. and those parameters change when you change the event of the function. (When there's an event called to directly trigger the function) One more thing, if the second argument or parameters is 'ammo' then it would always be 'ammo' no matter what you call it. So even if you called the second parameter 'killer', killer will be the 'ammo' parameter and not the 'killer' parameter. (Idk, how clear I was here.)
  2. local s = { q = executeSQLQuery } ... local all = s.q( "SELECT * FROM carslot1" ) ... for i = 1, #all do if all[i].PlayerName == playername then table.insert(ownedcars, all[i].Model) end end ... it should be something like this, Just make it fit in your script.
  3. I can help if you tell me more about this; Can more than one Model be saved for the same player? or each player can have one car only?
  4. executeSQLQuery("SELECT Model FROM carslot1 WHERE PlayerName=?",playerName)
  5. or just save the key on a third argument in every row in the table, that's easier, If the key really matters.
  6. the key isn't important since we got the value. Besides, I gave another example because I couldn't understand yours. max_val = 0, 'if v > max_val then' which means 'if v > 0 then' we have the max_val? I would like to know more how this works, If possible.
  7. or you can simply sort the table from biggest to smallest by; table.sort(table, function(a,b) return a.kill > b.kill end) and then, when you have the highest value on the top of the sorted table, You simply get the first row in this table and it will be the biggest.
  8. You can't suddenly script a DM panel when you have no experience at all, You'll have a long way before you can achieve what you want. through this way, You may even give up what you learned Lua for and start focusing on other stuff. In this case, If you really want a DM panel so badly, You will need to pay someone to help you out because you can't find a tutorial for everything you want. Or, learn MTA programming which is way too easy, step by step until you are good enough to achieve your main goal.
  9. Ok, what is the problem here? Express more.
  10. ped.ifp and hud.txd can be modified by shaders while pedstats.dat can probably be modified using the ped functions. That all will only be working on your server. I mean, You can't and are not allowed to modify GTASA files of any client permanently or for all the servers.
  11. what exactly you talking about? what weapons and why you cant use the other 2?
  12. I think you should update the topic name and content since this service was changed to top 14. And just to say, Top 14 isn't as attractive as top 7 and shouldn't also cost x2 of what top 7 used to cost, since almost only top 5 get the most attention and the lower we go the lower the attention therefore the lower the price should be for the lowest places.
  13. Lol dam, attaching trailers wasn't possible 8 years ago ;$$$$
  14. Yeah that's really annoying.
  15. What you did above doesn't serve your purpose, It actually gives players weapons whenever they spawn with no weapon doesn't matter it was thier first or 20th time. You will need I think; function giveWeaponForOnce() local account = getPlayerAccount(source) if not getAccountData(account,"firstTime") then setAccountData(account,"firstTime",true) giveWeapon(source,22,15) end end addEventHandler("onPlayerSpawn",root,giveWeaponForOnce)