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  1. SQL Query error

    Hey I have recently made a script and to save its data and keep it safe in case script was restarted/server was shutdown I moved the data into a SQL using executeSQLQuery function. I believe such function saves the data in the internal DB right? Anyway, I did that in my local server and everything worked fine. But when I moved the script into another (hosted) server, An error showed up in the debug section saying 'Database query failed: file is encrypted or is not database'. I don't know what the heck they talking about, but I need help. Any ideas?
  2. Remaining Time

    An easy way, set the player's account data as 'vip' into true and at the same time set a timer to set the player's account data as 'vip' into false. This will only work properly if the resource doesn't get restarted (due to server restart or resource restart) so timers will still exist. Other way, which is simple and easy but harder than the first is to set the 'vip' data as a number which presents the time of seconds he has as a vip and set a timer to reduce the 'vip' data value by 1 every second, and whenever the value is higher than 0, the player can use the vip, no otherwise. (As long as the account data 'vip' doesn't get touched, this will work perfectly even when server crashs or something)
  3. Auto Respawn

    Just don't use executeCommandHandler and use addCommandHandler to work on your respawn function. We can't give further help since we don't know what you asking for and how does your function work and if it even exists. According to your replys I am starting to believe that you think that the command 'respawnall' which you used somewhere else other than in your server is some sort of global MTA hardcoded function which is not. To use that command, you should have a function that actually respawns, connected to the command you wish.
  4. If chat imput active, dxDrawTextOnElement?

    I have not taken a look at your code but a very simple way to do this trick is by that; addEventHandler("onClientRender",root,function() if getElementData(localPlayer,"typing") == true then -- dxDraw..... -- anything else you want end end) -- now this way the image (if you are using image) or the text will be only showing when the player has the 'typing' data, otherwise nothing would be shown. -- all you have to do is to detect whenever a player is typing and whenever he is not and change his data according to that.
  5. Auto Respawn

    Idk what is that. But if dimos is true then, just define thePlayer through using addCommandHandler. (first parameter is the player that commanded.)
  6. Object texture/shader

    @UnchiuDawg using the function engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture has an argument that allows you to change the texture of a particular object eith the shader without the need to replace the textures of all the other objects that share the same original texture. Anyway, I mentioned that just to let you know, eventho that might not help a lot since it is a lighting issue.
  7. dxDrawTextOnElement, dxDrawRectangle3D

    The rectangle's alpha is set to 0. dxDrawRectangle3D (x, y, z+, width, hight, tocolor(255, 0, 0, 0)) change the tocolor arg into this; tocolor(255,0,0,255).
  8. [HELP] Chunk has too many syntax levels

    Well, use one function and one var which will be the dx text's text and set a hundered timers which change the var value, that is easier I think. Something like that; local local var = "" addEvenHandler("...",root,function() dxDrawText(var,sx,sy,w,h...) end) setTimer(function() var = "One word" end,6000,1) -- you can make one timer too if u use tables, but since you dont use them just make a hundered timer.
  9. Spawn points

    Adding spawn points will be through adding more spawns in the main table. Could you present the way you add more spawns into the table so we can know if you doing it right?
  10. I need help.

    Stack overflaw because you called spawnVehicle function within your re-defined spawnVehicle function, this will cause the function to be called infinite times and cause a stack overflaw.
  11. help with a hidden marker

    Why not، this var determines the size doesn't. Gonna test it later anyway. Idk maybe u r right.
  12. help with a hidden marker

    local radius = 1 local MySphere = createColSphere(x,y,z,radius) -- make sure to replace x,y & z with numbers. function changeMySphereSize(size) radius = size end -- it is dump to create a whole function for that, but it can be useful if you want to fill in more arguments. -- other than that you can simply change 'radius' value. What do you mean? Why not?
  13. Vehicle Car

    -- something like that maybe. for i = 1, #Cars do local vehicle = Cars[i] local occupants = getVehicleOccupants(vehicle) if #occupants == 0 then destroyElement(vehicle) end end
  14. help with a hidden marker

    Changing a colshape's size is pretty easy. You will just need to set the shape size at the creation as 'x' which should be globally defined as a number at first, and then create a function that modify x's value which will lead to change the colshapes' size.
  15. ColCircle and showCol. Question

    I edited dxDrawCircle (useful function by @Socialz) to make it work in 3D. Doesn't really need alot of work, try it your self and tell us what you end up with.