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  1. Well the distance doesn't matter. Once it streams out, It should stream in again when you are close enough. I don't have such problems tho in my bank system. But Its good to check if the interior of the pickup and the dimensions are the same as yours when it disappears also check logs.Also try it outside an interior to check if that also happens.
  2. Does it disappear after you hit/use it or just by itself without any hitting since the moment of creation?
  3. TriggerClientEvent(root,"name",...) ^ this way you send it to everyone.
  4. First of all, I am sorry for that inactive and slow updating of this topic on the previous period but I was busy. I am going to show some screens of the latest updates right now and expect more to come later, about new other stuff. New Notification Bar; The new notification bar has two movements; up and down according to the number of messages, left and right according to messags length.
  5. @madsup YOO BUDDY! Whats up? I missed you! I am Adb by the way.
  6. That's right. Its whether the account system doesn't get instantly updated or something's wrong with the registeration. Because I had the same problem until I reconnected. And I don't think its a one time problem, It keeps on repeating on every login I guess because I tried to login twice on two different days and on the two days I had to reconnect. P.s. I don't have a forum acount to report that ^.
  7. - The Clan System Update - • I have recently updated the clan system, in that updated the design was majorly updated and changed and the clan system was improved to work with the new turf system and other systems. - Drugs production - • The ability to buy plants & powders. • Two types of drugs: Pills & Powders. • Powder drugs are produced by planting certain drugs on the field and harvesting them later when they have grown. • Pills are produced on the laboratory. • A Laboratory map. • Using/Selling drugs. Cheers now! Stay tuned, go'nna add screens soon.
  8. • Rage Gaming Society discord server; • New Bank Vault room - the vault is the place where banks hide all the money in. Robbers will need to pass 2 high-security doors to get inside this vault. • LV & LS bank maps are finished - Each city has a diffefent bank Interior. • New Interior system - this system will allow anyone that has an own property (a house) to have his own empty house interior with a marker to enter & exit and the owner's name on the marker. Once you have your own house you are free to buy House Furnture from the shop and place them in your house. P.s. Screen shots will be added soon.
  9. Rage Gaming Society The topic was massively updated, fonts, colors and text sizes along with more edits and additions. Added one more update on the process:
  10. • Added more media files. • Topic slightly updated.
  11. TOPIC UPDATED • Added some media files. • Added some update files. • Updated the resources spoiler That's it for now! Just stay tuned.
  12. Haha, I corrected the Logo but after correcting it I found out that the old one with misspelled san andreas looks cooler so I decided that I will upload it instead of the corrected one hoping no one will realize the mistake 😅. @Investor Maybe delete your post and I delete mines so no one realizes?
  13. Rage Gaming Society is a multi-roam server that was and still underdevelopment since 2016. It was never published or officially launched yet but It will as soon as it is ready. The development team consists of only me currently but the process has not stopped and will continue in a stable pace. HOPEFULLY The server currently includes all of the main scripts needed in addition to some other secondary scripts that improve the game playing. But, It is yet - as I mentioned before - not ready to be launched because I am looking to launch it with high quality and with the least number of bugs and glitches so everyone can enjoy it from the beginning. - Resources -
  14. @D![G]Ao seems honest, Eventho I never heard or played that server. BUT, as a normal human, It is easy to detetmine that he is the one who used to own it since it's origin because he's so sure unlike the other guy who is giving uncertain dates and information.