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  1. - Yeah we are aware of that, not sure but I think atm MTADM supports around 128 players? - Atm we're still working on the concept of every system we want to have, economy will be hard tho... Thanks ParoXum! They doesn't seem too mta friendly, and all the people that care are here so... It's complicated but let me put explain this way. The residencial area of the maps is all free lots, you buy the lot number 1. Then you ask ingame or in the forums and you'll look for a construction company( keep in mind that this guys will be modellers that have been accepted), then you ask them "I wan
  2. Will have a lot system, you can't for example build a house in the middle of the road. After the map is designed we'll see each areas can have lots etc... about the second problem, not everyone will be able to build things. This will be a job for construction companies( modelers ), everyone can open his, although you 'll have to pass a kind of quality test, to unsure the map stays good and playable.
  3. You're welcome to do so. We're using Max and Sketchup. ( contacted ) It's the same with other rp server, you need to let it grow. Thanks. Just a matter of time really.
  4. What's the Sandbox project about? Like the name says, the mod will be like a giant Sandbox where the community will have the power to make the city bigger or reconstruct any area of the map. The project starts with a small town with every infrastructure you see in a modern country town or small city. The objective is to provide a roleplay community core, how the city evolves depends on the people that live within. Try to imagine a cross between GTA, Sim City and any Role Playing Game; this is what the project is all about, we want to give the community the power to create new infrastructures
  5. (not on a free host..) Name: Uni Website: GTA: New York URL: Http://gtanyforums.pt.to ( soon .com ) Banner: http://painfulbackyard.com/banner.gif Thanks.
  6. Uni


    IF I got it right, still the same thing but server now can control wich are the "default" files.
  7. If u need some help say something.
  8. New SA SITE rocks 2 much , and cool 6mini movies
  9. Ups.. good point hehe well i will add new things in town, i will do it in version cause this ways, u dont need to install a part u dont like it
  10. yeah u right, im looking for another one. More Pics of today's work:
  11. http://members.lycos.co.uk/kamperkilla/GTApagina/ im finish somethings, soon will be avaible for download
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