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  1. When is MTA 0.4 expected to be released? Or is that not knowed yet?
  2. At the time of me typing this i am downloadin some 'windowsupdate' crap for win2k which is takin ages... when thats finished, do u reckon that will sort it?
  3. Sorry if i didnt make it clearer... I meant using ASE, i double click on a server, i join, i start game, then in-game i go to 'Start MTA', it loads then crashes and says 'Disconnected from Server'..
  4. I got my pc upgraded to Win 2k Professional and it still doesnt work. i go to 'start mta' in the game, the loading bar gets to nearly full, then it says 'disconnected from server', like it did wiv win 98! Plz help me!
  5. http://lfs-skins.racesimcentral.com/ is where i heard bout MTA from, a site for Live for Speed. the multiplayer servers were down, and we were all bored, so sum one on the message board said "Go to this site, and play GTA Vice City online." So i ordered VC and im bloody enjoying it. Thx to the person who told me about MTA, it's made my gaming life a whole lot better! (My life story.)
  6. Have you got the right version of Windows? I had Win 98, and it didnt work, so im getting it upgraded.. (Oh i can't wait to play it!)
  7. (nuffin to do wiv MTA now..) iCeh, is Michael Jackson ur fav character on Bo Selecta? I fink elton john is funny lol
  8. Thanks all, Im glad i don't have to spend 100 quid!
  9. I don't wanna spend 100 quid on windows xp, but I can get Windows 2000 for free, would MTA work on that by any chance? Thanks
  10. also i use windows 98, if that helps. Thanks again
  11. When I go into a game, everytime ive tried it, it has always disconnected from the server. One problem might be that im usin 56k, but it could be something else.. Please help Thanks
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