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  1. tip: dont use fortune city
  2. stick me back on the active member list pls
  3. curly mind slowing ur pics down a bit so we can atleast see them?
  4. i was here when mta first started up .... i was bored 1 day fell asleep n woke up here
  5. man i keep seeing double around here think i better go get my eyes tested
  6. Keva


    ill give you half a penny and some cheese
  7. i aint herd noone speak on TS yet i manly just sit in my room with the light off rocking backwards and forwards talking to myself
  8. Keva

    New Console

    looks like an over sized dvd player to me
  9. i wouldnt mind seeing new air veichles like ballons and blimps
  10. Keva


    seen it still good
  11. it all comes down to skill you have no skill you die quicker simple as that
  12. i dont care wot the name is i wanna know how it plays/features
  13. yey cant wait to see wot comes of this
  14. try differant game versions set on the client
  15. a cool place in VVC is the mansion since most fights take place there
  16. this sounds cool since mta started people have been asking about RPG style play
  17. Keva

    The Hunted

    he strikes again
  18. the hunted should be able to stand out in some way
  19. Keva


    nope, i forgot to mention all previous omg members are free to join and that includes all the devs
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