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  1. We are running a sweet DayZ server, where we go after the consept of DayZ SA, We are also working on a custom HUD That is Drag and drop, like in the original DayZ Standalone. We only have around 10 people on daily, we need even more. We need YOU! Now, we are a super kind and good comunity and we also play alot. 24 / 7 IP: mtasa:// Website: http://www.hiclan.com/
  2. Please answer quick, i really wanna play!
  3. Hi, I am running MTA on a TV-Screen (VGA) but.. when i start up MTA it says NOT SUPPORTED because of the resolution is bigger than the tv.. So, is it possible to change resolution from the MTA folder or something? THANKS FOR ALL ANSWERS! - |Novus|Price
  4. Heisann, jeg kjører MTA på en TV skjerm, har bare et enkelt spørsmål.. Hvordan skifter du resolution uten og starte MTA? Jeg vet det er en slags "Config" fil, men jeg kan ikke finne den HJELP! TAKK FOR SVAR!! -|Novus|Price
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