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  1. svi balkanci su rasporedeni po najpopularnijim mta serverima.
  2. applying the texture wasn't the problem i have fixed the problem by looping through all players in the server, and then applying the shader to that specific vehicle
  3. i tried this(not full code) function onJoinHydra(player) if getElementModel(source) ~= 520 then return end if not getElementData(source,"mod") then setElementData(source,"veh",true) end engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture(hydraShader,"hydrabody256",source) end addEventHandler("onClientVehicleEnter",root,onJoinHydra) result: only i can see custom hydra texture, others see the default i need others to usually see default hydras, but if i spawn a hydra and enter it, ONLY that hydra will get custom texture, and everyone will be able to see that cusom texture on my hydra please help
  4. compare it with what? local row = guiGridListGetSelectedItem(playerList) local gridText = guiGridListGetItemText(playerList,row,playerColumn) if row and gridText then i got nothing selected and it still passes through
  5. hi i am developing my own admin panel and i've run into a simple problem e.g when banning a player by pressing a button --i want only that a player gets banned if he (his row) is selected in a gridlist -- i am using this check if guiGridListGetSelectedItem(playerList) then --event addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick",root,onAdminClick) problem is that i can ban a player even if i didn't select anyone on the gridlist -- in that case a random player gets banned am i using this function wrongly or do i need to do additional check or what? please help
  6. Ne. 1)Imamo ovdje forum 2)Niko nebi dolazio na taj (besplatan) forum 3)Nema potrebe 4)"Igrači" su već neaktivni i ovdje
  7. -- this would stop projectile from being created if it wants to target someone function disableHeatSeek() if getProjectileTarget(source) then cancelEvent() end end addEventHandler("onClientProjectileCreation",root,disableHeatSeek)
  8. kaj ne vidis da ima jedno preko 1000 bug reportova koji nikad nisu ni pogledani od strane mta ili su ignorirani? s obzirom da nisu ni napravili mta za gta 4, vjerojatno nece ni za gta 5 (sto je steta, zato sto bi mta v bio prejeben) jedino ce ostati mta sa, koji ce zajedno sa sampom kad ostari, propast.
  9. trebalo bi poceti reklamirati mta hahahahah steta sto ce vjerojatno mta propast
  10. I think that problem is that weapon is not synced with other players
  11. i think that i've tried using that targetElement before to myself, and only i could see the shader while others seen default on me D: i need that others see my custom texture while they have default one(so its basically 2 textures of same weapon at same time just on different player)
  12. hey i have a question if i have a shader (like custom weapon texture for example) how can i make it that everyone can see that I have that texture, but their guns still remain with default weapon texture?
  13. just like you can't get a player from getPlayerFromName while he/she is offline, you can't get a resource with getResourceFromName if it's not running. you can use serverside and use getResources() and check if it exists server-side if you insist on client-side then idk, i didn't really use this client-sided nor i needed to
  14. 1) for server-side you usually got events which define source, and custom-events(if you add ones) which source is client and if you really want, you can get a random player with getRandomPlayer() 2) source in that case is an element, not a name. for a name use getPlayerName(source) function onDeath() local skin = getPedSkin(source) -- get dead player's skin model id setElementData(source,"skin-id",skin) -- save id to element(player) 's data end addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted",root,onDeath) -- on spawn function onSpawn() local skin = getElementData(source,"skin-id") or 0 -- or 0 is used in case a player didn't die yet, so he doesn't have a saved skin yet because he didn't die setPedSkin(source,skin) -- set his skin to original one end addEventHandler("onPlayerSpawn",root,onSpawn)
  15. its because your function is inside a table
  16. yeah i am already using cache to false(every client script i got) soo this is it? only way scripts could get stolen now as far as i see is to hack the server itself?
  17. Yea xerox, im using fileRead to get script content though Neargreen thats simple variable containing 1 line of code Executing code from variable in that case
  18. you mean you are sending code from client side to server side? if that's what you meant, a stealer could read the code from client side however if you send code with triggerClientEvent its also encrypted and works perfectly(server files can only be stolen if server is hacked, which is much much harder) i am just not sure if this is actually a good method for security
  19. ohhh how about this? -- client file which loads code -- server file 1 containing client code -- server file 2 reading file 1 and sending the content to client file is this good? well it works for me, but asking is it good as security measure?
  20. hey guys i wanted to ask something i am trying to explore methods of protecting my scripts and i thought of sending script's code from server to client and then executing it clientsidedly though im probably using loadstring for what its not used or something... -- client addEvent("onClientCodeRequest",true) function loadCode(code) loadstring(code) () -- sorry () was missed end addEventHandler("onClientCodeRequest",root,loadCode) -- server local theCode = 'outputChatBox("loaded")' triggerClientEvent("onClientCodeRequest",getRandomPlayer(),theCode) edit: i discovered i had to add () near loadstring, though how could i send really long code from server to client without conflicts?
  21. možda kada bi se ljudi okupili i posvetili vremena ovom 'projektu' možda ovo ne bi završilo tako tragično.
  22. why are people celebrating new year? its so stupid
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