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  1. Hey you just don't want it that's ok lets other have the opportunity!
  2. No Brother when ever i will host i will add that person owner with me. Don't worry about it.
  3. I am not giving if for free dude.I ll also be owner he also owner i will give it to guy who have good scripts because if i give you server to guy having noob scripts nobody will come in server and what will i do in empty noob server! LOL!
  4. lol you updated your status that you giving server for i don't remember how much $$
  5. Huh Totti you just gave me stolen scripts and when i was trying to check you say send me hurry i checked and all were faulty not even single worked and you say me scammed huh! Crazy Kid!
  6. you have your own servers lol and on your skype you are providing host just let others try anybody else intrusted?
  7. Hello Guys, I am here to tell you guys that i can host a server 64 slots if anybody have good scripts of any kind of server and don't have money to host i can help him He and me will be owner Paying for server will my duty and scripts will be the duty of person who is intrusted.I can just host 1 server so hurry up Person who is intrusted Comment bellow
  8. Sir i am not scripter Please fix this can write here please!
  9. for i,map in pairs(cInterface.tab_3.mapStore.mapCache.mapName) do if map then if string.find(string.lower(tostring(map),1),gridText,1) then table.insert(cInterface.tab_3.gridData,map) table.insert(cInterface.tab_3.mapStore.resourceCache,cInterface.tab_3.mapStore.mapCache.resourceName[i]) end end end end end end This is the line where is error Please i am not a script please fix this line for me Please help
  10. I have a User panel all working fine but when reconnect map buy don't shows maps when i restart it again it shows maps again but after reconnect don't show maps. Bad Argument #1 to "pairs" (table expected got nill) it shows this message in debufscript Please help me!
  11. what you actually mean what you need partner for?
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