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  1. 3$ B.T.C/PayPal Per *3 Months* Web Hosting .. You can only host your clan web site ..if you host other site that is not related on your clan .. your account will be suspended and wait until 74 hours before i unsuspend it ... Link: http://www.secure.cronix-hosting.com/ca ... add&pid=29 W.H.M.C.S Verified Link : http://www.secure.cronix-hosting.com , secure.cronix-hosting.com Advance Merry Christmas Every One BTW ... You must put real details on "Additional Required Information" also you must be a owner or a owner allow you to do this on that server .. Else i will suspend your account and will give a refund . My name in game "{-S.T.I.-}-Dj-jom2x" watch out if i visit your server
  2. http://www.rage-hosting.cf/index.php heres my own hosting server lets try that thing i will give 50 slot
  3. btw male sure all crypted and cant never decompile so your game mode will not leaked .. i hate messy mods
  4. im interested on dm thingy you can borrow my 1 gbps linux server ... lets see what you got there .. i include ftp only and non root user .dir name mtasa server is unmetered so unlimeted player slot non rooted .. for restart server only...so your not fu..ck the server ..
  5. lol i mean close to java :3 read before you post :3 if you are programmer you know what im talking about ,similarities beetween c# or c ++ to java language.. calm dude
  6. Sorry , i know the cars are crap , if only some one can help for the script maybe it will happen dude .. i can pay for a script-er that can make my server unique.
  7. ~Custom Cars ~Custom Skins ~Not Lag ~Cool Staffs Custom Maps ,rims , fx etc ...... visit our site http://www.xtreme-drifters.cf
  8. Guys hello ? somebody help me how to add mta-server on centos startup list ? thanks - Xtream-DriFTerZ
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