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  1. Yeah, i understand that. What i don't understand is, how I get to this decimal value generated by a hexadecimal value. F.e.: 0x12345678 How would the number look like if i want to set the Flag "AXLE_F_MCPHERSON" ?
  2. I never understood that conversion from bytes to flags, can you explain that to me?
  3. I already tried out onClientPreRender, but for some reason it just doesn't work. Guess rotating the wheels at all is not possible, but positionating them works for some reason.
  4. I think you didn't get what i'm trying to do: I'm trying to adjust the camber not the steering of the car. I tried with X,Y and Z but nothing changed. I want negative camber on my car:
  5. Suh dude, I have this strange problem with setting the rotation of the tires on a vehicle. I'm trying to adjust the camber of the tire but without any success so far. This is my current code: The camber variable is the position of a scrollbar. The variable frontcamber outputs the right rotation set but on the vehicle itself there is no visible change. local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer) local frontRightTire = "wheel_rf_dummy" local frontLeftTire = "wheel_lf_dummy" local backRightTire = "wheel_rb_dummy" local backLeftTire = "wheel_lb_dummy" local mi
  6. I tried it out: This is with a radius of 10. Is this the right radius? Because i get weird results if i use > 10 or < 10
  7. Hey, So i basically have this problem with my server: ERROR: Could not load /mods/deathmatch/dbconmy.so - mods/deathmatch/dbconmy.so: symbol _[6;1H_cxa_pure_virtual, version libmysqlclient_16 not defined in file libmysqlclient.so.16 with link time reference I asked my support but they don't know whats the problem. I'm using db*-Functions in my script. Some more details: Root Server (129.219) Debian 7 (Wheezy) 40GB RAM 6 Core We installed the libmysqlclient.so.16 from this site: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/In ... leshooting I hope you can help us/me.
  8. I solved the problem by switching to mysql instead of sqlite. Sqlite did not refresh the database when i tried to buy the car.
  9. After i sold my car it does not output anything. But if i already have a car it outputs all the datas such as color,model etc..
  10. Which result do you mean? num_rows outputs 1 for some reason.
  11. Hey Guys, So i have a problem with my car shop. I have a command with which you can sell the car. So i delete the row in the database, but after you sold the car you can't buy a new one somehow. This is my code: Buy Function: addEvent("CarBuy",true) function CarBuyFunc(lp,veh,price) local db = dbConnect("sqlite","susa_data/accounts.db") local sx,sy,sz = -1935.45764, 269.70041, 44.49506 local query = dbQuery(db,"SELECT * FROM cars WHERE OWNER=?",username) --... if money > tonumber(price) then local result,num_rows = dbPoll(query,-1) if num_rows =
  12. Hey Guys, I need to know how i can ask if the driver is sitting in a car and the player who wants to enter the car is not going to sit in the drivers seat. With this code i can enter the vehicle as a passenger when nobody is driving the car. But i can't enter the vehicle as a passenger if a driver is sitting in the car. Obviously it's because of the drv == false statement, how can i fix this ? addEventHandler("onVehicleStartEnter",root, function(plr) local username = getElementData(plr,"username") local seat = getPedOccupiedVehicleSeat(plr) local drv = get
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