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  1. hey guys ant been on in a long time just wondered if rockstar left the (part of )code for multiplayer in simpsons hit n run ??? anyone check
  2. olly

    Mission broadcasts?

    yep u shuold m8 hehe its deathmatch atm m8 but u can team up and stuff and sorry no missions yet maybe a future relaese
  3. olly

    passenger key

    yeah just found that out thanks lads
  4. can wemove the key to somewere else play bcoz i dont like havin to reach right over there for home or is ther another way???
  5. u meen the the missing wall at the hospital or some other bulding in downtown or greasy chopper or sumet???
  6. looks good m8 just ignore the grilling
  7. olly


    yes there will be a new screen shot button soz duble post
  8. olly


    erm do u mean screenshots ???
  9. olly

    Gang Locations

    hey does your hed move like ike ???
  10. x box only sells because of halo innit ?? i cant think of any other good x box games i would like on my ps2
  11. olly


    all been said before
  12. i love console gaming just wondered what u lot like best???
  13. ok i personally think the ps2 is great maybe that because i have that console but hey i wanted the ps2 for games like gta and metal gear solid ect what do everyone else think??
  14. why is it so har to just use team speak anyway ts is easy to use and harley and lag!
  15. will it be like a good voice and good recorsings and not a gay voice that annoyin but i want u to do it and would there be songs??
  16. *cough* xboxsucks *cough* what do u think will be altered in the x box version ???
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