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  1. All things went blurry

    Are you using Intel HD Graphics card? Go to your graphics program like Catalyst Control Center or Intel Control Panel and set graphics quality to balanced. (like I said before, my sister had that problem some time ago and that fixed it) Btw. that link from pastebin doesn't work.
  2. Bluescreen when i want join to server.

    Everything is working now. 0 bluescreens.
  3. [HELP] Replace every GTA texture

    I know how to use a shaders, I'm using them for custom paintjobs on cars but these are physical elements so I can use onClientStreamIn (max. 250 MB usage of VRAM, it depends on count of cars streamed), standard GTA objects aren't physical. I created script for HD roads, but when you're travelling VRAM only go higher, every texture is always in VRAM after it's loaded. I can use setTimer to delete everything but that's not a solution.
  4. [HELP] Replace every GTA texture

    Hello. I'm wordering how to make a shader, that replaces almost every texture in the game. I unpacked txd's and I wrote a simple to download files from FTP without using meta.xml (cause I don't want to force players to download more than 500 MB). And now I have a problem - 100% VRAM usage of my 4 GB graphics card. I can't use onClientElementStreamIn because these objects were created by GTA:SA, not map editor. Any ideas?
  5. Bluescreen when i want join to server.

    I got a bluescreen when my internet disconnected (FairPlayKD.sys). I'll test that build.
  6. Bluescreen when i want join to server.

    There isn't too many informations, so... Everything happens only on Polish Real Life server (that's the name of it). IP I'm one of the administrators on this server. There's a lot of players who complain about bluescreens (10 players posted that problem within 3 hours). These crashes started from today I think. Mausner, please to do a MTADiag and send the results (How to do that: Pobierz i wypakuj MTADiag, podążaj za instrukcjami zawartymi w programie. Naciśnij 'n' kiedy program zapyta, czy MTA działa poprawnie. MTADiag skopiuje do schowka link do logów (dostępne pod PPM > wklej lub CTRL + V). Wyślij je w nowym poście. W celu poprawnego działania programu MTADiag wymagana jest intalacja Microsoft Visual 2012 (x86) ( ))
  7. MTA freezes in one place
  8. 2 two monitors problem

    When you're using 2 monitors, , MTA will show "Device selection" window at the start where you can change resolution etc. There is no MTA icon on the task bar. If you click on other program, this window will go under other programs and you don't know when the game will be ready to start. Video:
  9. MTA freezes in one place

    Hello. One of players from my server has problems with his game. It's always freezes when he's nearby LS-LV runway. Pastebin: Dumps are empty. Video:
  10. All things went blurry

    Are you using Intel HD graphics? Change performance mode to ballanced in Intel's control panel
  11. MTA crashes when joining to the server

    Everything works now after we optimized our script for custom paintjobs. Thanks for help.
  12. I'm one of head admins on the server called "Polish Real Life". One of our players have crashes everytime (after downloading files) when he joins. Dumps:
  13. MTA GUI crashing

    Hello. One of our players has crashes when server shows GUI for him. He updated MTA to newest nightly, reinstalled game, MTADiag: Video:
  14. Control Panel , in F8!

    You can't do that without a script. Some commands like ban, kick etc. are hardcoded. If you have runcode running on this server use: run setPlayerMoney("your_name",value) example: run setPlayerMoney ("MrDadosz",100000) For health: run setElementHealth("your_name", value) example: run setElementHealth ("MrDadosz",75) List of functions: